Aug 19, 2011


I shut my eyes and leaned into life ... to my discovery ... you appeared

beautiful words escaped through your lips ... leaving me bedazzled and elated..

Dare I dream ,

has he arrived.... I was waiting for so long

Patience is not my virtue dear sir.. but playfully you finally found me...

I knew that dreams and play flowed hand in hand

I can begin to breathe

to play

to soak up all that has been blessed upon my head..

No more hide and seek

just word play

imagination at play

playful intentions of ... love

Aug 18, 2011

Connections to the land

Connections run deep in this land that surrounds us.. I have come to know that there is a connection whose thread runs deeply within us.. to know the cracks, the crevices, the coulees, the desert, the saddles, the islands, the rimlands... the list goes on into beautiful on.. with words that flow freely from our lips. As the words flow freely our legs search to flow freely wandering this beautiful land that surrounds us, to know the land as we know our lovers body.

We can only percieve it through human eyes who seek to understand its constant changing patterns.

We have tried in vain to own it, to consume it, to wander it, to fear it, to absolutely love it and in the end to feed it with our bodies and souls.

I do not worry for we are small morsels trying our best to connect, to flow with the land...

it ultimately owns us