Aug 21, 2015


Emerging Wilderrness

Unfolding Anciently



Vision Quest 
Annie and Enya 

Aug 14, 2015

The Artist Wilderness Connection

We arrived home yesterday, August 12. Nerves were on centrifugal force raging between radiant sunbeams of joy from a two week hiatus to oh lord there is a great deal of traffic and people milling about....I felt like the wolf child being reintroduced to a world of talking heads. There were moments that Enya and I would smile and people would turn their heads and give us a nod, (we love that you know). Purposeful living had flown out the window to be replaced with oh my yes I have one week to get this list accomplished. Once a breath was taken the panic attack began to ease up on my conscience and I realized I am the only one applying pressure...all is well. 
The Artist Wilderness Connection provided reflection and confirmation. A journey of perception, awareness, visions and insights. A journey that will stay with me for the rest of my time on earth and beyond. A journey of purposeful patterns & movements. A journey of family, memories and the knowledge we are never truly alone. We not only sleep and wake with thousands of dust particles from our ancestors of long ago but (as Annie Dillard points out) we walk upon their bones and noggins. 
The connection, the thread that binds us all... the land, the sweet earth and way beyond our comprehension... the universe. There was great simplicity living in a cabin of 225 square feet, built in 1927 (there abouts), sleeping in bunk beds and etc. 

Purposeful movement such as rising with the sun, fetching water, gratitudes with the sun, long hikes, journeying, creating, observing, breathing, laying out a simple meal and watching the stars and moon at night. Knowing exactly where east, south, west and north are...and centering our minds on that notion, centering one's mind in the wonder of the wild....quiet.