Mar 30, 2015

Homeward Bound

As we prepare to take leave, packing our bags in quiet ...we are taken with the feelings that arise within us. The birds fill the dusky air with song. It is as though they know is time. 
A quote that came to me today, "We are most alive when our hearts are filled with love and kindness." -unknown author
Our hearts have been filled to the brink with love and kindness. From our families back home, to our beloved friends, to our new found friendships... we are simply overwhelmed with love and peacefulness. We both anxiously anticipate seeing our loved ones. Leaving and knowing that the friendships we have gained will be with us forever more.

 Just as the golf course is set on a piece of history so our lives have been forever changed by new ideas, new vistas, and sparks of imagination from all that surrounded us.
 From the time I was little I treasured being a thinker, reflecting on the big world around me and knowing that each person who entered my life had a spark that could ignite a fire within me. At times this fire was a gentle candle that burned for others, at times this fire was a raging inferno that inspired creative thoughts to explode on the canvas, and at times this fire extinguished the loneliness that existed from childhood and feeling different. 
This large beautiful planet provides great opportunities for all of us. By helping others succeed we succeed. Realizing that we must honor the differences in all and allow the sharing of ideas promotes....thinking! This trip brought that factor home time after time. From taking classes with large brained individuals, to learning about humanitarian efforts, to hearing about lifestyles from around the world we were blessed to share and reflect. The planet is very small and we truly are connected to all in one form or another. Can you just imagine if our kids knew this from a very early age! A quote I just discovered, "The real magic wand is the child's own mind"...Jose Ortega
Personally, I'm still a child and am I ever excited about my magic wand. Can't wait to share it with my children and grand babies!

Mar 28, 2015

Enya Says, Caught Me a Lizard

My Friends:

Not to kick sand in anyone’s whiskers, but it’s warm and sunny here in this latitude. I thought it would be helpful for you bowsers to get a sense of how my day plays out in our desert spot. Someone gets up early in the morning and throws my covers over my head. I like this as this encourages a little more snooze time.  I know when it is clark who covers me as I can usually smell him as he approaches my couch. If I hear the coffee pot soon after the covers fall over my head, I know for certain that it is clark. Quite possibly this is the only task I have seen him perform since our arrival. Annie does not seem to interfere with the coffee business. 

Once the coffee machine has finally stopped urping…I detest that sound.  It reminds me of an old Lab I knew whose snoring kept me awake half the night back in the day. But that, my puppies is another story.  After things get quiet with the coffee beast the three of us mosey outside to the back patio where the sun is shining.  Annie carries her coffee in an artistic cup with mysterious symbols.  I like it because being an art breed, I get it. Clark’s cup on the other hand is from the University of Southern California medical school. Yes, I can read as well as most humans at the 6th grade level.  He must have stolen it or someone gave him a gift.  I’ve noted that he carries it proudly.  Once they plop down in their spots I listen to the usual slurping that seems to go with coffee drinking. This is followed by a few “ohh’s” from Annie. Her face always beams in these moments, and thus does mine.

  “Holy shit” seems to be clark’s preferred comment as the sun clears the Santa Rita Mountains to the east.  I know it’s the Santa Rita’s because Annie also taught me how to read a map a long time ago.  I recline and let the sun warm my belly.

My favorite time of the day is late afternoon and we’re out on those hot pavers in the front patio. The sun is shining and within a few minutes I can hear them creeping about in the plants. It’s the Tubac lizards. I consider them devils from the desert. They taunt me with that flicking little tongue. I told Annie I thought they were sticking their tongue out at me on purpose. She said “nope” it’s biology or something. Who cares? I think they’re dissing me and I’m going to do something about it. Unfortunately, Annie won’t help me so it’s going to be up to clark to help launch my plan.

Clark is usually up a to a good plan especially if there’s a small amount of laughable misfortune to someone other than he. Simply put, here’s my thinking: I want to lasso a lizard and teach it to heel on command. Once I’ve trained the devil to master this simple act…we canines do it all the time, I’m gonna walk my newly trained pet down the main street in Tubac for all to see. Sorta like the Westminster Dog Show, only  different. I just wish Buffalo Bill Cody were still alive, he’d sign me up for his Wild West Show.

Much later:
Since clark has made me a lasso I’ve been practicing throwing the thing. There’s more to this than meets the untrained eye. It’s supposed to be 90 today so I know the rascals will be out in force sunning themselves 
over by the bird feeder.  I’m certain by the time the sun sets in the western sky I’ll be walking my lizard around for all to admire. I’m naming it Homer. 

Mar 25, 2015

Sycamore Canyon by the Mexican Border

A day of beauty, reflection, and soaring heights. Friends from Colorado were kind enough to introduce us to new vistas and thoughts. Rugged intricate landscapes filled our senses. Rocks jutted up from canyon floors varying in, not only height and size, contrasts and colors. Textural surfaces appeared from all levels with fossils, crystals, minerals, quartz and strange combinations that most geologists would totally understand ... it provided me with playful mystical questions about the past hundreds of years. The sun shined above us with birds of prey overhead and Chihuahua ravens devouring a morsel on the top ledge. Water trickled through the canyon floor providing moisture and sustenance for living creatures. It was not lost on us that many perish in these rough conditions, including human beings. Immigrants wander these parts praying for the best. All life is precious and I know I take a great deal for granted in my life....

Old images appeared from the face of rocks, one rock revealing Lady Guadalupe (our friends vision and we agreed). It felt as though we were in a long forgotten western movie.
I often know that I do not hold the key to humanity nor do I always grasp the meaning of why humans confront one another over so many issues. I do know that all life is sacred and one must do their best to help as needed ... where we can soulfully make a dent in a harsh world. As we left the Sycamore canyon we headed towards the Pima Alto lake to eat our lunch and reflect. Reflecting back at us through the ripples of the lake answers seemed to be buried....
someday perhaps we might understand...
Till then blessings my dear loved ones and safe travels to all.

Mar 16, 2015

Enya Says, .. On the Move

My friends:
It’s not easy to explain how I’ve ended up in Arizona. The last thing I remember was taking my last pee on Padre Island.  I was in a hurry because it was colder than Montana on that day.  I didn’t know it at the time but that was my last number in Texas.  I hope I left something behind by which they can remember me. I think that was February and now here it is March. I remember my Momma telling me to “hop it” onto my spot in the back of the truck. I slept alot that day.  After that I vaguely remember a layover in a dirtbag place called Van Horn, TX. Annie and clark seemed to think that place was OK because of its history and orbs where flying everywhere, but since it was March I was nervous and thinking “beware the Tides of March.”  Don’t these people read anything?  I was told the next morning that my snoring was heavy. Oh well.

It’s probably too early to know, but my breath seems softer here in Arizona or wherever we are.  Maybe this desert soil suits me but it could be the minty breath softener biscuits that Annie says are good for me.  I’m not looking to hook up with some mongrel  so I don’t know the source of her thinking about feeding me these crunchies but a snack is a snack.  Sometimes I take a sniff of my own breath and it seems like a good enough match for who I think I am.  The place we are staying has more room for me to plop. I have several couches, two lazy boys whom I call Billy and Bob. Clark seems to think one of them belongs to him but whenever he leaves I make my move.  Furthermore,  I’ll be dipped in cat do-do but the floor tiles here are warm to my belly and most importantly not slippery.  Hatched in the Rockies, like some of you, I like learning about other places that seem to know my name. 

While there’s no ocean to produce the mass contentment that was floating in the clouds on Padre Island, this place has warm air, trees that aren’t from Dr. Seuss, and birds that make Annie go “ooh.”  I don’t know why the birds produce this response in her but I listen when this happens as it surely means something valuable that often escapes me, Listening and watching is a good thing. The only bird I like is chicken because it tastes so good. I really like clark’s bbq chicken. Sometimes I have to remind him to go easy on the sauce, usually to no avail. It seems with a bbq brush in hand he thinks he’s  Annie. I’m pretty sure I saw a lizard when we were walking today. I remember those rascals from last years trip.  I want one for a pet. It  would be cool to put him on a leash, troll him around Tubac and show everyone that I’m a cool lizard master.  I’ve shared these thoughts with clark but he does not always transport my good ideas to Annie.  No matter, I dream of having a lizard on a leash.

It’s too soon to know if I love it here but that’s ok because I know that some things in life take time to root. Speaking of rooting, that’s what I aim to do in the upcoming days in search of the lizard who wants to be my new best friend. In closing, I was reading some of Einstein’s large thoughts today. This was after my people left me behind at the casita in search of something they called a margarita.  Einstein said, “ it’s good to live an unassuming life.”  As for this Bostie, I assume nothing but am grateful for everything.  Double woof to you all.     Enya.

Desert Hunting

Well, we are hunting for the elusive antelope jackrabbit....and hunting, and hunting! So I finally decided to draw one from a combination of photos that I had on hand...a rendering. We did chance upon the rogue roadrunner and his mistress. He was gently cooing to her, quite romantic I must say. It seems that all the birds are in love (or just frisky) right now. The vermillion flycatcher is hovering in midair, like a mad hatter, over his lady friend. She is quite unfazed as she stares at us instead. The doves strut themselves around as if on parade. The hummers, well they drive Enya crazy as they fly up to her nose and stare at her. Romance is in the air. Some amazing sites for you as a full-fledged royal sunset left us with a rainbow over the Santa Rita mtns.....ahhh  lovely. 

Mar 7, 2015

International Womens Day (and to the feminine side of our men )

I decided to write tonight as tomorrow will be a day of honoring art and the feminine side of life that surrounds us. I have been taking art classes with Roy Purcell...a wonderful spirit full of metaphors, wise words, and a playful spirit. A humble man who has been through much in his lifetime. He came through a brutal world of childhood autism and loneliness. He found comfort in drawing, painting and writing. I stumbled upon his book "Wayfarer" by chance at the local bookstore and was thrilled to take a class. Roy honors the feminine spirit and talks of our intuitive nature that lies hidden in the recesses of our minds. Allowing our unconscious spirit room to create will produce wonders on the canvas....
We chose large scale canvases (2x3') and painted with palette knives (which I love...release!) 

A group of kindred souls releasing wild energy through large bold strokes on the canvas! I included the piece that I finished. Absolutely loved the release of feminine and male spirit. The subject matter is Trace and Enya...soaking up the afternoon sun, breathing in life and allowing troubles room to vanish in the warm stucco.....
It is a moment of quiet vulnerability...a moment of love. 
To all the feminine spirits in my life (whether female or male) thank you for your gifts, your love, your talents and your charms. The world is a better place because of you. I have included shots of the warm Arizona sun to brighten your days. And finally a shot of Roy pushing paint around revealing bold pure magical fun. The joy of learning, for we are never too old. 

Mar 4, 2015

Some Humor

Ok, some giggle moments! As I heard the sound of the gila woodpecker out our front deck I began to watch to see what the rascal was up to...
They are extremely shy so he began ducking behind a post from which hung the hummingbird feeder. I became a cement statue and as I watched he began to sneak drinks from... you guessed it the hummingbird feeder. How hilarious. 
I caught a quick picture below. 
A bright note of success today. 
I was asked to show my work at Beads of Tubac/School of Art. I am thrilled and excited to be represented by Margaret Rose's Gallery. I have also been given the chance to teach batik and watercolor dyes on fabric and yupo paper next spring as well! Very exciting. 
I look forward to getting home to the bitterroot and sharing ideas. I have included two of the acrylic/oils that will be
in the gallery. Forgive the photography, for it was taken by mewah. 

Mar 2, 2015

A Fine Welcome

Well we have made it to the lovely Tubac, Arizona with 70 degrees shining upon us and a bright vermillion flycatcher flitting in front of us from bush to trees and back again. I could hear him sing, "paint me, dear Annie!". oh the joy of sunshine and bird songs...
So far I have spotted the black crested titmouse, the white-winged doves, the black chinned humming bird, the white crowned sparrow...the list goes on and on.  My family will giggle for I am learning the names and listening to their songs as well. Ah love nature. Trace had the delightful encounter of the javelina below our bedroom window ah yes, the hilarious get away of the infamous spiky creature. Another great thing I learned today about the bright green clumps growing on the water oak trees.. (Sam will be proud of me)  it's ... mistletoe, which is parasitic... hmm. 
The high desert holds many great finds and secrets and stirs my sense of creativity. I had my grand kids on my mind most of the morning with the youngest turning one and the oldest beginning basketball and growing up so dang fast. All three of them bursting with sunshine, giggles and a good dose of life coursing through their veins. You know life, such as energetic bounds of pulsing life! I began painting this morning and just smiled thinking of the beauty of it all...and then there lies

the written word...spilling forth from my heart, my guts... onto a white surface. 
Unbounded love for all living entities tonight... 
I'm remembering that words empower us, enlighten us, give equality to us and even bring some dignity when needed.... simple words. 

We know not what lies before us but as doctor Seuss says "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."  
I believe in you