Feb 19, 2017


The act of provoking...
something that incites, instigates, angers, or irritates.

Perhaps causing shifts in thinking, patterns and self-reflection. Know thyself. A golden rule in order for shifts to happen. 
When skating, sliding along at a comfortable pace with wind whistling through your hair, tickling your ears and inciting playful tears...we are in flow. 
A divet, small ditch...perhaps large hump and our flow is diminished. Perhaps this is not a singular event ... perhaps it becomes a steady downpour of established hiccups and coughs that produce uncertainty and dilemmas within our personal lives. 

Now their is provocation. Perhaps down the road (almost certainly if one reflects) there will be growth. 

Until then hang onto your hats for the wind is not playful or soft these days and the tears often sting the back of my brain causing swelling around my sockets. 

Hold tight those you love, remember forgiveness is essential for we are all only human beings on this vast mother earth. She will eventually reclaim us. 

Feb 1, 2017

A journal blip...

Every week I will throw an entry from my journaling upon these pages... a thought....a blip... a dribbling.