Mar 29, 2014

Pathways of Growth

I fully believe that when the time has come, the pathway will shine... just as when we are ready for growth, improvement, changes; illumination will plug us between the eyes. But, the big but, we have to be open to receive this information. Not only do the stars have to line up but we have got to get our spirits wrapped around the idea that the world has different plans for us. We might have even been born for a reason (or several reasons), perhaps we will move on to great plateaus where people actually feel like we do, carry opinions that resemble ours, and that compassion and generosity of spirit are freely administered

 to all (I repeat ALL of those in need) though the majority of people surrounding you might think you're quite daffy. 
Tubac has left a lasting impression of my spirit and my future. 
Names, words, symbols, letters and other unusual suspects play with my brain when they enter the hemisphere's. For example I learned quite awhile ago that many people whose name begins (first and/or last) with M are quite powerful in my life.. not quite sure why but I am always alert and ready to listen when M appears. Also Ann, Anne, Annie, etc... this name has great meaning to me, powerful reflections are made through the arts when it comes to Ann names not to mention the biblical sense of Ann's that enter. There are many more but for now this will suffice. 
I now will sprinkle some tidbits that have placed themselves upon my table during our time in Tubac. 
Our hosts: Gisela & Heinz.... simply put generous, educated, souls of reflection, great literature, art and humanitarians, not to mention outstanding cooks... they will always be in our hearts and friends for life. Gisela reminds me of my aunt Arlene, my grandmother Myrtle, my mom and many other angels who have lifted me ... who truly see me and get me. The gift that Gisela brings to the table... she not only sees but she shares and announces what she sees.. because she cares. 
Lou:  outstanding artist, spiritual guide, visionary, gifted, compassionate, educator and motivator.. "Why are you  not reaching the full potential that God (insert what you will) has in store for you??? Why?" Thank you Lou... I will now use spirit in everything I do and produce for it would be stupid not too. 
Margaret Rose: Sweet, caring, motivated to make a difference, entrepreneur and now friend... Sincere and true to herself and others. I am blessed to meet you. 
Shura: Humanitarian all the way... you twinkle, you rock, you will make a difference Berkley Lady. While educating the masses you will make a change by respecting those around you and gently standing up no matter what comes before you. I will forever be changed by your program and compassion for the immigrants who struggle with survival every single day. You will be my motivation and charity this year. 
Roberta: sweetness, sister spirit... "When are you moving home? I smile... that day will come for I would like to paint with you, sit under the desert trees and listen to birds with you. 
There are so very many more that have just plain reached out and said join us, come talk to us, let us know your spirit and your viewpoints. 
It has been a long time coming 
I have found many friends .... friends of like spirits 
like my man Trace... 
friends who ask, "Who are you.. and truly want to know... then I ask "Who are you?" and I truly want to know. 

Mar 22, 2014

Creations of DNA

There are stairways in our lives, paths that are illuminated as bright as the northern star. These stairways brought you both into my life. You were both a shining star, sunshine upon my brow as a mere teenager and how lucky this shining star was. I will never forget nor put aside the memory of having, raising, and being involved with two souls that the good lord placed upon me. 
I have been so fortunate in my short life span upon this earth. To meet remarkable people, to start a business that evoked the Gods and Goddesses to bless my work, and to be close to the genetic pool that I helped procreate.
How wonderful the opportunity to bring up two souls such as yourselves. Stunning, remarkable, smart, and most important intuitive. You both know that the world is bigger than what is humanly imaginable. By setting intention, by knowing one's self we create the world that we want, that we need for our very sustenance. 
I knew when the lord brought you to my gateway that I had been blessed upon blessed. Now there are doors open for the first time in my life, that are guiding me back to my spiritual path, a path of enlightenment. A path where I can be myself and create from my heart. I know that the future holds gifts and surprises for both of you and for my grandchildren. I look forward to being there, lifting you upon the stairway of life and supporting as needed. 
You are loved and cherished
expressions of both fill my heart. 

Mar 20, 2014

The quiet purple sky before me

Tonight, as the sun set, purple hues filled the sky from one end to the other. The negative space between the trees revealed not only purple but glorious alizaron, golden hues, and deep cobalt blue. Reflections hit me between the eyes as a deep sigh escaped my lips. This glorious man beside me smiled secretively as though he knew the secrets of the skies before us.
How fortunate to live upon this earth ... this day of spring equinox... a day of honoring this sweet earth. How fortunate am I to have children, to have grandchildren, to have loved ones who hold me dear... who I hold dear...
This day, this beautiful day.. the one day that exists before me, holds dreams and secrets. My sixth sense says "Be alert, know that your path was destined to behold this sky, to pray for all that exists upon this planet. I am so very fortunate to breathe this very air..."
Blessed are we to live upon this earth....
Pictures exists to remind us