Feb 26, 2015

Thankful for all of you and the land that surrounds us

Oh how thankful I am, for you who are reading this, for you who goes out into the world each day striving to better yourself, for you whose emotions fluctuate with the random act of daily living, for you who reaches out to others with gratitude knowing that each act of kindness makes a huge difference for others and in the life you live....thankful and blessed. 
E E Cummings wrote, "We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that something deep inside of us is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit." 

To my grandchildren Jae, Triston, & Layla your tender hearts and playful spirits bring out the best in not only your parents but your grandparents. You remind us of the gentle nature that surrounds us, you bring about laughter and wonder to adults who get way to wrapped up in the common mundane workday, you reveal the miracle of life when we view the world through your eyes. To all young living entities thank you.
To my children thank you for calling me mom, thank you for the laughter and tears that provided growth and harmony in my life, thank you for hours of play or moments of visiting when small miracles occurred. Thank you to the good lord for entrusting me with your welfare... I am honored and very proud of you both. 
To my blood family, to my loved ones, to my friends thank you for making me feel valued, for listening through ups and downs, for your human touch when nothing more could be said or given. 
In completion thank you to the land, the water, the air, the foundation upon which I stand...thank you sweet earth. As my dear significant other would say, "It is good to be alive and above ground"
Love and blessings to all of you 

Feb 23, 2015

Enya Says...

Today is the first time Annie has given me liberty to express myself in print on this trip. It’s been a long time coming but it usually takes her awhile before she’s settled in enough before she lets me use her laptop. 

For starters, I like it here. I thought there were a lot of my kind in Missoula, but let me tell you, it’s nothing like here at the Port. Furthermore, there’s much more diversity here if you get my bark. All of us seem to get along when we’re walking the beach except for that one day when another Bostie named George was following me. In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than a adolescent male. However, manners are generally good with no excessive sniffing, and the people my friends have in tow seem to be content. I know because content gives off a really good odor and I can smell it. Sometimes when we’re on the beach, there are entire clouds of contentment.  More humans should come here.

Annie says my breath smells like the ocean. I don’t know how this is possible since I don’t drink the water. Maybe the basic stuff of the ocean seeps up through my paws?  Not important to me as it’s just the way I am.

I’m learning new vocabulary here in the Port. I don’t want to show off my gift for language, but I know the scientific words for “turtle,” “dolphin,” and “stumbling people on the beach.” I like learning new words and when I get back to the Bitterroot I’m going to share some of my new words with my friends. Hopefully, it will help them understand the new and wonderful places on our earth.

It’s time for me to “load er up,” which means we’re going for a ride to someplace new…yay, er, ruff ruff. I’ll  write again when I’m not so busy.

Be happy and keep your sniffer going.


Bostie Terrierj

Feb 20, 2015

Gratitudes and Blessings

These are a few of my favorite things..

Gratitude, blessings, kisses, love, hugs ...laughter, tears, sunshine, animals... the list goes on and on
Little things like the grass that tickles our feet as we walk barefoot, snow that tickles our faces as it falls, a sea green turtles eyes looking upon me with gentleness.  We were reminded so many times of the blessings that surround us on this trip. My writings have been a delicate balance between emotions and experiences. The last three weeks have been a bit of a blur. For those of you who don't know Trace ended up in the hospital for seven days. We kept it quiet and he is now doing quite well after the first initial scare. So let's see... I haven't been myself, but we are beginning to explore and discover once again. Yes each day we wake up in new bodies, each day we count our blessings, and each day I am ever so grateful for all of you in my life. 
This morning we stopped at a bakery for freshly made cranberry muffins and a breve....scrumptious. The chef came out from the back, young and exuberant, to ask what we thought and was ever so grateful. She gave great credit to her own mama for her skills and abilities. What a blessing our mom's are!
Roasted provided an opportunity to show gratitude each and everyday when people entered. It began to be an experiment of joy...who could I lift, who could I touch through caring words, how could I make a difference by just being kind (perhaps they would even pay it forward).

To my mom,to best friends, to children young and old, to partners, to those hard working people who make huge differences in people's lives, to care-givers (such as nurses and doctors), to people who make a difference each and everyday....thank you

Feb 18, 2015

Legends and doves

Yesterday was a day thinking of legends...legends we live with, legends we hold in reverence. My father was a legend for me, a quiet man haunted by past demons, by poor health and by his own tender spirit. A man of the land with Levi's worn through at the knees and left rear pocket ...where the wallet rode in style. A man who stood straight and true... six feet tall and about 130 lbs soak and wet.   We learned a great deal from him. Weekends filled with fossils, hikes on the land, time spent with animals & birds, moments of fishing...and always moments to visit and share. He had a quiet giggle which came out when you least expected it.
He could not swim but he loved the water. He would have loved the Gulf of Mexico here at Port Aransas. A quiet little town where everything is unassuming, laid back, and no status. In honor of his birthday I decided to spend the day wandering the beach area alone with my thoughts. Along the harbor I ran into dolphins playing, rising, jumping within ten feet of Enya and I. A blue heron eyed us warily from around four feet, probably wondering if she could grab Enya before I noticed :)
I now know that the word legend, hero, deity among many other reverent names is misleading. We are all living organisms connected with the land, the water, and the air we breath. Father was (and is) larger than life but he was also a man. Just a man like many who had dreams, aspirations and goals. After finding a broken sand dollar on the beach I was reminded of the five doves that exist inside the sand dollar. When the sand dollar breaks these five doves are set free, much like my dad was set free at his death.
I pray he enjoyed the dolphins with me yesterday and that he floated among my brothers and his loved ones... leaving good vibrations and loving thoughts in his path.
I leave you with an image I painted of my father and the photos of the sights.
A wonderful saying for the day.
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit"  Aristotle

Feb 15, 2015

Unusual Morning

I drifted out the door for my morning gratitude walk. Today  felt different. A half mile out I discovered a live star fish as big as a dinner plate. I released him hoping he would live, dang nabit no camera. Perfect shells scattered at my feet as I hummed along. I sing, I hum, I chant...sure people wonder but that is no problem. The beach is marked with numbers at every eighth mile. At marker 24 there lay a green sea turtle deceased... yes deceased. Deep sadness entered my soul. Yes as a farm girl I'm very aware of life and death. I have delivered calves and babies of all types, I have taken part in cesareans. The mystery of life still lifts me beyond the normal realm of thinking. We were able to call ARK (mentioned in the previous blog) so they could examine the body and record it for the marine center. Bless these people for the work they do.
I wandered home, grateful for life, for salt in the air, for all of you.
I leave you with some images of boogie boarding attempts by me and a frolicking Enya. Also a lovely image by an artist I admire on the island. Her name is Brenda Barnett.


Feb 14, 2015

Latest Happenings around Padre Island & CorpusChristi

Back on track, after a busy two weeks. It is pupping time for the bottle nose dolphins ( February and March). We keep up on a local blog by Tony Amos, UTMSI (University of Texas Marine Science Institute) research fellow & director of ARK (Animal Rehabilitation Keep). That was a mouthful. Tony is a wealth of information, don't you love that saying :)
There is a percentage of pups that are still born, separated from their mother or victims of predators. Some carcasses wash ashore. Revealing they are neonates: there are no teeth, curled up uterus, folded fins, and tongues adapted for feeding upon mom's teats. Fascinating facts  about these young babies.
Last week over 200 green sea turtles were released from rehabilitation. They were rehabilitated at ARK with great success. Anyone can volunteer which is simply amazing in my book. You can volunteer for several days, one day, one hour. Over 30 vehicles transported the turtles to Padre Island National Seashore.
On a recycling note Corpus Christi has a nonprofit that is offering education and rain barrels to the public for a discounted price. The project is called "Catch a Drop". Citizens can purchase rain barrels which are subsidized and offered to the city's water customers at discount. Conserving precious water resources and protecting water quality is an important step. Rain barrels are an inexpensive proven option that make a difference in the backyard. Three components 1. conserve water  2. prevent water pollution   3. reduce sedimentation  in lakes, rivers, and streams. Captured rain water can be used for gardens, lawns, washing cars & pets.
So our first art experiences were awesome as well. The local coffee house provides some fabulous acrylic and oil painting portraits. I was able to take a few photos while enjoying a splendid cup of java. Coffee Waves is one of the few local businesses that has remained and built quite a wonderful business. Just as in any small town businesses come and go, ebb and wane, still and flow.  Life continues on as we move forward.  Love to all of you tonight. We are heading

to fresh fish markets tomorrow and Enya is chomping at my heels to write her blog so keep an eye out for hers next.

Feb 9, 2015

The Great Melting Pot called Life

How I love the melding of cultures, races, ideas and spirits. We all are one called the human race and we seem to forget this at times. I am reminded of this wonderful mixture while staying in Port Aransas. While visiting Corpus Christi Trace and I had a gentleman, with a very kind face, sit beside us and tell us his (and his wife's) story. They were taking care of his mother in law, who he spoke of with great love and conviction. He must have sensed we were kindred spirits... and you know I think we are. This fine gentleman had a proud aristocratic face, gentle large eyes that teared quickly, and a strong but gentle presence. He reminded me of Trace and was drawn to Trace for good reasons. Trace also accepts others and unless they give him reason to question their goodness is an open spirit.
(On this note I must admit I have made my share of mistakes on judging others but after quiet

reflection I usually kick myself in the ass and move forward:)
Back to my story. This gentleman, by the name of Casey, preceded to tell us about his children. Casey looked to be around late or mid 60s. He had raised three children who were successful and had all moved on in life. His wife often times helped at the women's shelter during her spare time. While helping their she became attached to a mother with 5 children. She has a large heart (as does Casey) and they were soon helping in all manners right up till the day the lady was arrested for dealing drugs. Casey said the children called and they knew, after visiting with the proper authorities, that they must take all five kids. There would be no other way after looking at the tears in these young children's faces (not to mention his wife's tears).
To make a long story short, Casey and his wife adopted all five children and have raised them through great obstacles, of which there were many. Adoption alone is not easy.
I just knew that we had an angel land next to us who felt he had much to share with other wee spirits. He said I have been blessed in my life and I have enough to share. As he got up to walk away something made him turn around and say to us, "Thank you for letting me share my story. I did not know if you would mind for I am Muslim." He is so much more than a word, a category, a definition, he is a human being living in a world that is not easy. We all know in our hearts, in our bones when someone is a good person. We are all facing difficulties and trials in life and thank goodness we have each other.
Once long ago we were all immigrants in unknown lands, trying to navigate life by the same stars that shine down upon every human being in the world. Let us not forget who we once were and how much farther we can go with peace in our hearts. Idealistic perhaps but full of love.
I have included a piece of art that touched my heart.

Feb 7, 2015

Rambling thoughts on Adversity

Adversity... definition: misfortune, troubles, difficulties, etc.   How one deals with adversities sets a stage for life's next act. I have often times cried my heart out and them promptly move on. When I say cried my eyes out, I literally mean cry my eyes out until my heart and soul are clear and can move on. As I drove into Corpus Christi this morning I looked for the pink flamingos and the beautiful white egrets.... and thus there they were. Fisherman were on all sides of them in the inland outlets. Extremely beautiful and poetic. I love watching the people fish with their backs set to the ocean breeze, their faces to the sun, pure enjoyment from all around them. I so want to bring my family down here to romp and play near the ocean inlets.
How does this coincide with adversity one might ask? The birds, the fishermen. the water itself all face great adversity in life. Pending weather, changing seasons, human interference (such as trash and pollution to name a few) all serve to be adversities to overcome. Simply put one must do the best you can. Gratitude's, thank yous, blessings for all we have in our life... this is so important. Trace and I get up in the morning and start the day with blessings and a great cup of coffee ... it sets the tone, a melody of which there is no denying. It simply gives us wings like these great birds before us. Who knows what the catch of the day will be.
This morning as I drove I heard a new song by Jason Mraz  "Three Things". It is simply brilliant and sums up how we feel. I have included the lyrics and site to listen to it if you are so inclined. Love to all. Annie                                                                                                                                                                      http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/jasonmraz/3things.html

Feb 5, 2015

All living creatures

Today was off.. yes strangely off.  I looked to the sky, to the water, to the land where all creatures subside..there, yes there lied the peace that provided calm. As I drove to Corpus Christi, very aware that life can change in a heartbeat, I was aware of the many birds above and along side of me. Among the white egrets and the white pelicans there stood a pink flamingo.. yes perhaps a common sight among the Gulf inhabitants but a mysterious wonder to me..straight out of Alice in Wonderland or some fairy tale. The apprehension of troubles that invade us lifted ever so slightly and I began to breathe, yes just breathe...it is totally free (as I had a dear friend point out to me). 
Life is precious, sacred, timely. Seasons and tides come...go.. flowing from our heart center, from Sacred Mother Earth. We are a part of this sacred flow. Allowing this flow, breathing deeply, richly strengthens our resolve and forward movement. Forward movement allows us the freedom to live life to the fullest. 
Some of the green sea turtles of Padre Island were recently stunned by cold waters. Many are caught, rehabilitated (by warming them up, checking them out and de-barnacling them) and set free. Careful watch, gentle love, warm hearts allowed some to survive. Survival but more than that..sustainability so that many more 

People linked to all living creatures leaving a map of love, of long extended breaths, of release from life's unsettling moments. 

Feb 1, 2015

Enya's ramblings

Hello there ... I'm Enya... yes I can type, I can run, I can stare with the best of dogs. I decided it was time to let the public know what I thought of beach life... absolutely love it. Now mind you the salt water is awful on my tongue but running and jumping through the waves, now that is the life!! I'm slowly adjusting to my friend Annie setting doggles upon my face... ridiculous but helpful in the bright sun....Life is good