May 4, 2023

Enya's Obituary


Arf, arf, and a hearty bow wow to my doggie and human friends. You should know, I've taken the Rainbow Bridge. For you historian types the official date of my movements to the next level was April 4, 2023. Weep not for me, amigos. Mine was an uncommon life of 16 people years. Just so you know, I penned this obituary. It seems prudent to do these days. Well, what I tell you is true and factual. 

Annie, my Mom, arrived to take me with her one day. I could sense she was a smidgen uncertain but she is a sensitive one and alert to things not readily visible. She knew we needed each other, thus Annie became my Mom. 

Some obituaries are lengthy. I've read many in my previous life. Bow Wow... who cares where you attended obedience school and graduated magna cum laude and then became the Master of the Chow Pound? Truly, what is the earthly significance of such? Moving along here rather quickly as I know some of you readers have a wee span of attention, like Pomeranians. I'll cut to the dog chase here. I've lived a life worth living. Annie, my Mom, was also my heart and I knew hers belonged to me. We traveled together, walked the woods, and shared the morning yogurt. Her song is in my bones. Just today I heard Annie say, "good morning Enya" to me. I reciprocate. 

Thank you my canine and human friends for the pleasure of meeting you and sniffing around. I am well and moving along with my nose on the trail. 

Adios for now,