Feb 17, 2016

Sights from Tubac!

Oh for the glorious beauty of the birds,
Oh for the red crimson song...
Flits of color here and there....
Feathers of love

 The dreams unfold at evening dusk
Whispers of ghosts long past
Riding in the wind...

Changing lives,
Filling our world with light, passion and hope

The Anza Trail, 
Santa Cruz River flowing through
Much like the Big Sandy Creek 
from my home land...

Enya Says....

Enya Says
You should know the only time I take pen to paw is after I arrive in Tubac.   The sun is soothing here and helps percolate my Bostie brain, generating thoughts outside my essential Montana demeanor.  Lately, I’ve been doing some light reading about that thing called the bell shaped curve. From my station at the old water cooler, these days, it seems more people hang on one side or the other as opposed to the middle. I don't know what this means? This is offered as something for you to think about in this election year. Moving along, I am compelled to tell you that the trip to Tubac was tough. Hey, I’ve read the book: “A tough trip to Tubac.” I knew the roads were difficult because I could smell the tension seeping from Annie and what’s his name. Clarko gives it up when he’s under the gun. We canines are alert to the odor of anxiety. It causes us to pay attention.  Arriving Tubac I was exhausted. My people were as well.

Arrival at the villa, as they call it, did not go well. I had to sit my butt in the truck, as things called keys, water, heat and lights were determined. I was hungry and had to pee really badly. Possibly some of you think I should know better as I’m a seasoned traveler but I have to tell you I was at the end of my rope…no pun intended. Heck, we had to use flashlights to get into the place.

We’ve been here over a week by now.  I remember this spot, old Villa # 7. I left some of my personal scent here last year and am proud to report I’ve rediscovered myself. How I savor my own fragrance. So far, I’ve been on walks along the Anza Trail and a few of the paths along the Golf Course. The snacks have been acceptable and I’m on the lookout for the Javalena as they camp out in our back yard. Many of you may not know this, but these beasts actually belong to the rodent family. I knew this before reading it as fact in a local magazine. They smell like a rat, not a piggy and I don’t trust them. I suspect they would eat me if given opportunity. 

My counterpart next door is Ava (as in Gardner). She’s a talker and also dwarfs me in the physical sense and although she may have been married to Frank Sinatra in another life, I’m certain I’m her intellectual superior. Before we return to Montana, she’ll be taking orders from me. “Hey Ava, get me a margarita, darling. Gracias.”  I like it here. You would as well. Most of my friends and the people we meet are nice and just want to read a book, loosen up the arthritis, and go home with a tan.  Happy trails!  Enya

Feb 8, 2016


As a child I was fortunate. The land was my constant companion. 
The soft beds of Big Sandy Creek sheltered my feet and soothed my legs. Delights hid in the murky water... snapping turtles, large catfish, and frog eyes bulging with expectancy. 
Insects buzzed, landed, moved on...
The Dragonfly spoke a language of crisp erratic flight. Silently the wings sounded like rice paper 
crinkling ever so slightly in the air currents 
a sketchy rhythm at best. 
Sunlight filtered through the cloudy water
allowing life to peak through 
in ribbons of clarity...
there was always hope.

As I rise with the morning sun this word "Hope", 
these childhood memories, 
allow me to breathe.

Step onto the land
Walk beside, or within, the stream bed.

Leave the noise behind 
it is my saving grace. 

When bare feet touch the earth, I no longer have to be in charge.
When my eyes view the sun cresting a ridge, appearing to kiss the mountain top, 
I no longer have to be in control. 

Clouded thoughts, joys & troubles
disappear within the fresh air of a new day upon mother earth. 
It does not matter what my name is, who my ancestors were, where I exist in life, and how many disappointments have come and gone...
They disappear as I sit on the side of a mountain peering across a vast sky.

Life just simply is,
 simply better for it. 
Mother Nature rocks, holds, and washes my fears away.
I am equal and connected to the earth and every living thing.