Dec 27, 2019

Enya Says

Enya Says
Winter, 2019

This correspondence has been overdue. I’m sure you’ve noted my literary absence and missed me. Dang, I’ve missed you as well and I hope this ushers some light into your lives. Possibly because 2019 is about to say “adios” I feel compelled to bring you up to speed on life around this Ranch. This writing is not to be confused with that thing called “ Christmas letter” mailed out to the masses by humans you no longer claim. To the contrary, those of you who read this are members of a highly select and discriminating clan. Doesn’t that make you feel special? Pressing on. We Bosties have a predisposition to summarize, condense, and communicate. After all, it’s all about communication, eh? It’s in this spirit that I share with you.

Although my eyesight and hearing are waning, I know radiance when it’s in front of me. Annie is such. Sometimes as I drift off for my mid-morning nap she comes to me. Floating along, riding the day’s current and holding a fine platter in her hands. On the plater is a biscuit just for me. I thank her, crunch a few nibbles and waft away into my slumber. I’ve observed her doing the same for Clark but he’s not dreaming and his platter contains cookies. Sometimes I covet his platter. 

Clark’s hearing and eyesight are much like mine. He’s OK as long as it’s just the three of us but I’ve noted a hint of verbal repetition when the peeps invade the Ranch. It causes him to be less chatty which I appreciate as I’ve heard it all before. To his credit, he provides me solace and runs interference when the small children come for a visit. Another observation: we canines develop much more rapidly than you neurotypicals. It’s impossible for me to convey to you how wee people disrupt my personal tranquility. Loss of naps, heightened alertness, penetrating squeals, my water dish moved to unfamiliar territory and the litany goes on. However, there is a little something redemptive about their visits. For two days after they go home, I have unlimited access to food particles left behind in their wake. Nonetheless, I shed more fur in one day than I do in a month. 

Looking ahead, I am euphoric that Annie and Clark have decided to return to Tubac this winter. These two manage to get a few things right from time to time. You all know how I feel about Tubac. That spot is just about more than one Boostie can manage. You know, there’s more proximity to the Equator in Tubac. I’ve only heard this and not fully sure what it means. I DO know that the desert sun is good for these aging bones. Of course there’s my old nemesis the lizard as well. Personally, I’ve never caught one but I’d know what to do if I did. In Tubac, the floor tiles are warm and I can nap anywhere. The leftovers are hopped up and the few slurps of mango margarita I’ve stolen are divine. We load up the truck in early February and return to the Ranch in April. I’m doing an on-line course in beginner Spanish in case the “right” Senor Bostie makes an appearance. Be on the lookout for my next 2020. Happy New Year to all!  Remember to be a nice person. 

Happy trails.