Nov 2, 2012

Silence and Contemplation

November has set into our hearts, our bones, our souls..speaking of this it was all Saints Day yesterday, a day to honor our loved ones who walked upon this earth. I was told this week that my beloved Aunt, my Godmother, my second mother was not doing as well as she could be. Her heart is having problems and her husband who has taken the Rainbow Bridge is visiting her at night to prepare her for the next part of her life. I will shoot up to Havre next week to visit with her, to introduce her to Trace, to hug and hold her. She seemed OK when speaking with her a couple of days ago and then I had a thought.. how was she suppose to sound. I think that I would probably be in a chipper mood myself if I knew the next part of my journey contained many loved ones and some peaceful moments to gather my spirit in. At times this body of mine does not allow many peaceful moments. Seems as though there are so many thoughts that just sift through, sort of like flour drifting through to make cake. 
Yes I'm well aware that I'm the one who provides these thoughts and can push them aside as needed. The nice part of gaining wisdom at this point in my life is that I have some knowledge base to work from when letting go of obtrusive thoughts. There isn't so much stinking thinking anymore but more thoughts of where life is heading for me, for my loved ones, for all of concern on this planet. I'm not always the best at sitting idly and twiddling my thumbs or contemplating my navel... which seems to contain less lint today. 
I love the deeper thoughts of the world, the questions that lurk in all corners, the what ifs or how do we or maybe... perhaps? 
I want to develop that part of my mind that knows there is so much to comprehend in the silence of the moment, the dejavu that surrounds a quiet flicker, the contemplation of a word spoken with hidden meanings.
Knowing that angels float around me but also wanting to hear the flutter of their wings, the touch of their breath upon my back when they are needed, and the softness of their love when they reach out. 
A gift of silence and contemplation.