Oct 12, 2014

New Chapters, New Vistas, New Name

Adjusting to new chapters in our lives is never easy whether it be aging, moving, death, divorce, and any number of significant changes that occur at the drop of a hat. So I sit tonight ready to begin this new journey with a blog from snorts & giggles. This blog arrives from the pen of Annie Allen: Emerging Formations. As you can see there is no Roasted included... It seems, appears foreign to even me. The name Roasted was developed from the creative brain juices of my second child Laura. She is a locomotion in movement when it comes to creative juices for business opportunities. I have been blessed to be able to call upon her services and to call her my daughter. I'm also fortunate enough to have another very creative child whose name is Jason. I call upon him for sound advice, helpful instructions on business manners and hugs. He is one of the most caring individuals I know with a knack for fixing, arranging and helping others.
Now back to the name Roasted. Roasted has been put upon an honorary shelf where all of my gratitude's, blessings and good fortune reside. Four glorious years appeared in my life due to this name and the energy that surrounded it. I will never again scuff at the idea of energy for everything we think, touch, feel and put forth creates waves of energy (both positive and negative). I have learned to give thanks and always set intentions in the morning starting with gratitude for all in life. I am now starting a new chapter with the name Annie Allen (Daniel) followed by the tag line Emerging Formations. Why emerging formations... because my whole life has been about emerging formations. The creative formations that are formed in my heart and imprinted on my brain come from interactions with the land, with the people who live upon the land and all living entities that surround the land. To set foot upon this beautiful planet with a smile upon your face and a song in your heart allows energy to flow through me and land upon a canvas (or other such surfaces). Visions come forth and are released with great wonder and enjoyment. So  my journey begins anew with different views and new souls to meet. The beauty of this is that the old views and the wonderful souls that have been with me will remain with me to visit, to call, to e-mail or to just hold deep in my heart... loved and cherished. Thank you to all and I look forward to this new chapter. Please stop in any old time and share a cup of coffee or tea.