Jan 12, 2020


Just as paint flows upon the canvas, my thoughts flow upon the bedrock of my mind. Painting, creating, imagination and  energy are allowed to flow producing some startling visions and ideas. Overthinking is not allowed. It's never easy, it's complicated and thus messy. Possibilities of mistakes, as well as satisfaction, are endless. Paradox of life you might say. 
As most artists would testify to, I must release and create... everyday. Centering appears after these episodes, but if the creative process refuses to begin... nature calls and fresh air often causes the pump to be primed. Once primed, flow appears. 
So I would add allow your creativity to flow. What ever speaks to you: photography, visual art, dance, song, writing, movement and all fine things... allow it to happen. 
The world needs your gifts (yes, I know you've been told this time and time again).