Oct 21, 2013

The Joys of Human Touch and Kindness

Today a massage filled my heart... my soul, and the tips of my toes. Two hours later centering was beginning to occur. Breathe, move in and out, focus on my breath.. let go, flow.. I have been floating for some time now.. no grounding was occurring, feathers drifted down and around me.. literally. Every walk I went on produced feathers of some sorts, everything was being carried above my waist and slowly I lost contact with any feeling in my female center, my thighs, my legs and my toes... they ached. 
I jolted at night aware that my legs were in agony. Red fire filled my torso, my heart... my head.. big thoughts, big dreams, big occurrences.. with no time for the ground... I was flying..
Thank goodness human touch brought me down... human kindness.. 
I move in and out of breath.. figure eight... ground  now calling my name........"put your feet upon me.."
I reply yes... with kindness, in kind