Aug 18, 2012

Wondrous Students

Oh those wondrous students that surround us. I love teaching and to this day hold my teaching years in high regard. Yes, I'm still certified and leap at the chance to teach when at all possible. Yes
I might even fall back on teaching in years to come, for now teaching at Roasted soothes this need. I learned so much from these young souls who surrounded me. They taught me to keep laughing, keep dreaming,
keep believing when all around you the world of serious adult living was taking place...ugh.
They looked upon life with new eyes each and everyday.. this is something I treasure to this day. One can begin anew each day by just opening your eyes. I often times step outside and breathe in the fresh clean air, while saying thank you to mother nature for gifting me with her presents, and finishing my cup of coffee with nature surrounding me (and at times a Boston terrier on my lap for company). 
Students loved to laugh or cry: whatever was needed and felt at that moment. As adults we often suppress these feelings for fear of being told to act your age or get over it. As artists we know that something often times breaks in us when we have to grow up. Oh yeah, we're suppose to make sense now, or yeah we're suppose to not cry now, oh yeah we are suppose to work hard and gripe about life instead of embracing life.. thank goodness many of us do not subscribe to this. 
Students naturally know that art will open your soul, that art will take you places you only dream about, 
that art will sustain your soul when you're heart is hurting (or even breaking).
I love young adults, I love little people, I love playful adults who are kids at heart.
To my students... I am in love with you all. 
You sustain me, You center me, and when you stop in to see me... all I can say is thank you
You are loved.