Dec 6, 2013

Lingering Holiday Moments

As we bake cookies, have  a glass of cheer, watch Christmas movies, and visit with loved ones we are taken back to a time and space when all was possible, all was right. My parents created a special holiday atmosphere full of warmth, good food, music and moments of love. I do not remember a Christmas that didn't feel this way until I was much older. Thank you mom and dad.
As we enter the world of adults I am painfully aware of the people who are not in this environment, who worry this time of year, who are very lonely and in need of human touch, words, some sense of dignity. Perhaps this is why the season is here, to gently remind us to look outwards, take time to reflect, and then act.
We are all one family, one unit, one circle under the sun.
Love to you all today,
Blessings of gratitude for you in my life.

Oct 21, 2013

The Joys of Human Touch and Kindness

Today a massage filled my heart... my soul, and the tips of my toes. Two hours later centering was beginning to occur. Breathe, move in and out, focus on my breath.. let go, flow.. I have been floating for some time now.. no grounding was occurring, feathers drifted down and around me.. literally. Every walk I went on produced feathers of some sorts, everything was being carried above my waist and slowly I lost contact with any feeling in my female center, my thighs, my legs and my toes... they ached. 
I jolted at night aware that my legs were in agony. Red fire filled my torso, my heart... my head.. big thoughts, big dreams, big occurrences.. with no time for the ground... I was flying..
Thank goodness human touch brought me down... human kindness.. 
I move in and out of breath.. figure eight... ground  now calling my name........"put your feet upon me.."
I reply yes... with kindness, in kind

Jul 17, 2013

Energetic Connections

We live in a world that spins producing vibrations

 from every angle. How can we not sense the power that every living vessel contains.... humans, animals, tree, water, rocks, plants, everything that is touched vibrates with memories and hopes to come...
The very sense of it spins me out of body... thus creating the need to connect my feet to the earth.. ground one's self.. plant my feet and be the mountain.
Souls touch us, enter and whisper, we sense their presence.. we wait
While teaching I noticed that it was difficult for many young souls for they knew of this magical energy but many lips and ears are sealed to the beautiful notion of energy. This created a sense of loneliness and confusion in young lives. Some, in order to survive, tucked these delicious thoughts away. Some, in order to be true to their nature, turned to other means to survive. The world of art, magic, meditation, and even darkness.. whatever it took to live upon the earth.
With age came the setting of daily intentions, of setting out gratitude and welcoming in the energy that would feed the soul.. it is much easier these days.
If only I could make the world a place to visit about all magic that exists, to believe in all of life, to cry  or laugh together as needed, without fear and embarrassment from society. I pray daily for all,
Sacred joy and happiness totally free of constant sorrow... to all in every nook and cranny of our blessed world.
We are only here for such a short time.
love to all.
Mrs. Allen
Annie Daniel

Jun 27, 2013

Women's Mountain Art Retreat

Yes, I finally did it!! I put into place the very first Women's Mountain Art Retreat (hosted by Roasted) in Lincoln Montana!! 

Roasted will be hosting it’s first Women’s Mountain Art Retreat! The perfect get away to spend two nights and three days in the mountains of Lincoln Montana!! The dates are August 23, 24, and 25! There will be four featured artists who work with a variety of materials. 
The Women’s Mountain Art Retreat will take place at the beautiful and serene Lumberjack Inn, a bed and breakfast located 2 miles west of Lincoln. A map and pictures are included of the Lumberjack Inn. This beautiful lodge is owned by Brent and Carla Anderson.
The retreat will be centered around relaxation, creativity, peaceful walks in natural
surroundings, and leisurely time to read, visit, create on your own, or perhaps schedule a massage from our local massage therapist. The Women’s Mountain Retreat is being hosted by Roasted: Delectable Art and Coffee. The owner of Roasted, Annie Allen, is a certified art teacher with 27 years of experience working with all ages in mediums such as acrylic, oil, batik, watercolor, ceramics, and collage (not to mention many others).
We will also be featuring Julie Ann Webster who specializes in hand crafted jewelry created from up-cycled materials.
Deborah Rauber will be creating hand-made baskets from natural materials Her work can be seen at Roasted and other fine art establishments.
Photographer/Designer Jana M Suchy has published many books with online printing at how you can too. Peruse Jana's books for inspiration and ideas as we discuss the free downloadable BookSmart software and how it works with the many page templates, fonts, colors, borders and backgrounds to choose from or customize. Jana goes through steps to produce a book, demystifying the process by
showing her published books in design format to glimpse behind the printed pages and see the possibilities. Whether to feature artwork, photos, writings, family histories or commemorative events--you too can become a published author!
Start your day with a cup of gourmet coffee from Roasted, or fresh tea or juice of your choice! A continental breakfast will be provided : cereal with fruit, bagels with cream cheese, scones, and my mom’s delicious cinnamon rolls. Food will be available all morning as you get hungry. If you require a more substantial breakfast, you are welcome to use the kitchen facilities at the Lumberjack Inn. We know that creating art can work up a hearty appetite. The kitchen is always open- 24/7. We'll have snacks available all day and lots of coffee, tea, soft drinks, water, etc. Feel free to use the dining area or outside decks any time you need to refresh your mind, body or spirit. I also recommend bringing a camera, fishing pole (if you are inclined), and good books!
A massage therapist is available all day Saturday. This service is a separate fee. Swedish, deep tissue, and custom aromatherapy massage are available. It is recommended to make appointments with her ahead of time. The therapist will do 1/2 to 1 hour sessions with clients. More info to follow.

The Lumberjack Inn features acres of land to hike , beautiful Spring Creek which flows into the Blackfoot River, and a pond where a paddle boat is available. There is also an actual tree house that the owners occupy and tours are provided of this amazing house. Bring your camera, swimsuit and hiking boots if you wish!
Enjoy 3 fun filled, soul nurturing, creative, inspirational days of learning and sharing with friends old and new, in a "SAFE, NURTURING ENVIRONMENT", in the beautiful mountains of Lincoln Montana. This retreat is limited to 10—12 women so register early. Write, e-mail, or call for an application:
Annie Allen' Batik 

Julie Ann Webster's Jewelry

Map to Lumberjack Inn

Jana Suchy's photos of Lumberjack Inn

 Roasted P.O. Box 746 Lincoln, Mt 59639.
Phone: 406-431-9479
Lumberjack Inn
Julie Ann Webster:
August 23: arrival time 5:00pm Wine, margaritas and appetizers will be served! Meet and greet time! We will have a small art activity provided by me (Annie)! This will be a great time to share books and inspirational passages that have touched our lives.
August 24: Continental breakfast, coffee, and treats will be available from 7 am - throughout the day!
Workshop I: 9-12 pm Deborah Rauber will be creating hand made baskets using natural elements. Materials are provided!
Lunch: 12 - 1 pm, Hot lunch provided. You will choose from two choices on the application. Contact for application. 

Workshop II: Batiks with Annie: We will be creating 16 x 20  cotton batiks which will be stretched on frames when finished. You will leave with a beautiful treasure that you have created. Bring old clothing due to the messy nature of this project.
Dinner: 4-6 pm. On your own or use kitchen.
Workshop III: 6-9 pm , Julie Ann Webster’s up–cycled jewelry! You
will design a beautiful creation using items that are natural and recycled. There will also be kits to purchase!
August 25: Continental breakfast, coffee, and treats will be available from 6 am on.
Workshop IV: 9 –12 pm, Jana Suchy will guide us creating personal books utilizing Blurb! You will learn how to scan photos, set up a visual book, and many tricks of the trade! Jana’s books will be available to view as well.
Wrap up time! Hugs and warm wishes!

Apr 16, 2013

Home Ground

So many thoughts as we drove home, memories of before and after, muscles tired from the long journey eager for familiar ground. Always thoughts of gladness and sorrow combined. ... for what lays beyond the bend of the land.
As we entered home ground we were silent, each with our own perceptions of the land, 
the weather, thoughts of our people.
The news trickled in about Boston.. a heaviness entered my chest.. I felt compressed, small, drained.
As we unpacked and looked around, knowing our fine feathered friends would be gone, vacated, absent.. (for we had left and food was no where to be found). we noticed a great tragedy on the large picture window. A mysterious sadness smeared the glass before us. Tracks and trails of blood and remains, body secretions and other such stuff were everywhere. A mighty battle had taken place on the window and on the chair below the window. There was too much evidence to be one of our small feathered friends. It was more probable that a large raptor had taken prey in this very spot. 
Life had been taken, life... death, birth... death
It is never ending today and everyday. 
Joseph Campbell's writing came to mind as I sat to pen. 
"The obvious lesson of all which is that the first step to the knowledge of the highest divine symbol of the wonder and mystery of life is in the recognition of the monstrous nature of life and its glory in that character: the realization that this is just how it is and that it cannot and will not be changed. Those who think- and their name is legion- that they know how the universe could have been better than it is, how it would have been had they created it, without pain, without sorrow, without time, without life, are unfit for illumination. Or those who think- as do many- Let me first correct society, then get around to myself." are barred from even the outer gate of the mansion of God's peace. All societies are evil, sorrowful, inequitable; and so they will always be. So if you really want to help this world, what you will have to teach is how to live in it. And that no one can do who has not himself learned how to live in it in the joyful sorrow and sorrowful joy of the knowledge of life as it is."

Apr 12, 2013

Last day of Tucson sunshine and play

What a glorious get away. Eye-opening, heart-warming, foot-aching, rump through the country side. We have discovered new horizons in the art world filled with possibilities and friendship. 
We have seen some doors open 
We have had high hopes for the future of the arts and combining forces with our beloved Montana. 
We have visited with fellow artists, tourists, and comrades who love the arts.
We have laughed, drank tequila, and discussed world problems of which we could not cure but we sure as hell could laugh with others and know that our fellow members on this sweet planet still care deeply about each other despite differences. We rekindled old friendships (with ease) that fit into our pockets like the beautiful rocks that we saved as children. Life, you see, is so short. Yes some of us are quite aware of that but at age 54 I'm becoming more aware of this all the time. I want to see new horizons,,
I want to place my feet upon the sacred soil of Montana and other distant horizons as well.
I want to laugh, to cry, to hold my loved ones as close as the sunrise that unfolds in front of my eyes. 
Every morning, I sat, sunshine spilling over the Santa Catalina mountains shining down upon me. The spring air  filled with songs from the southern birds...
Yes, life is good. I have faith that life will unfold just as it's meant to do.
I have faith that my shoes will strive to dance everyday.
I have faith that this old heart of mine
will reveal  art sprouting from 


Apr 10, 2013

Welcome Sweet Bird

Welcome sweet bird
of song 
of hunger
Your sounds fill my senses
of mysteries 
from long ago
We beckon you in
viewpoints satisfied for a brief moment in time
fluttering of wings
you are gone
I can still hear 
the gentle tick 
Warm breezes have arrived and the Sun is dancing

Apr 8, 2013


A magical day, mysterious, and familiar. As a child I was drawn to abandoned buildings, to structures and remnants from yester years... bits and pieces of long ago memories. Tubac is filled with such energy. Like a child we wandered touching, sensing, feeling, and with eyes as large as saucers asked the question silently.. could this place be calling our names???
I visited this place years ago and was amazed at the art, but there was more this time. This time it was about the land, the history, the feeling that rose up to greet us from these surroundings. There were wee souls who seemed to know our presence with welcoming eyes and smiling words. We were encouraged to soak up this atmosphere, to come again and stay awhile longer next time. We nodded our heads in agreement... perhaps we will.
We researched living quarters, took in the historical site of the Tumacacori mission church dating back to the late 1600's and took in every art spectacle that we could handle..
There was a quirkiness in the air and, well, for those of you who know us inside and out.. you know we are all about the quirky....  notice the orbs in the mud hut by Trace...hmmm

Apr 7, 2013


Puppies, margaritas, good chatter thrown in with family, desert turtles and sphinx moths.... fascinating and fun. Night night

Apr 6, 2013

Trusting the path

Here I am meeting new artists, new faces, new galleries, new ideas... time to trust the paths that open. I begin to think outside the norm... What about two art houses (two Roasted houses). What about living down south for several months of the year and living in Montana part of the time? What about expanding (not only my brain) but my art, my way of thinking, my lifestyle... what if, what if, ... it tis a beautiful dizzy pathway of excitement.
Just believing in all that life has to offer sometimes takes great courage and causes great excitement. As we sat on the veranda this evening with our cerveza and our spicy pizza.. listening to the quail trilling around us, hearing the sounds of the desert floor accepting the last rays of sun upon it's skin... life held (and holds) so many possibilities...
I think of my wonderful children and all of the wondrous future that lays before them. Where ever life takes them will be grand, will be outstanding and generous to their souls. And how do I know this, one might ask, because I not only feel it in my bones, but I ask for it by spirit, by meditation, by beautiful gentle prayers for all loved ones. Let life's path open up and shine down upon them, let life's path illuminate our worlds, let us be filled with gratitude and rejoice in the natural world that sings to our ears, that bestows daily wonders upon our eyes and fills our hearts with dreams of great hope and inspiration.
Trusting the path, knowing that by working diligently on my part, by believing that all will play out as needed.. what a glorious thought ...

I am blessed.

Apr 4, 2013

So many good things

Life hands us many magical moments, if we are just aware of their entrance.
Being open, being quiet, being patent... allows these magical moments to surface.
A good friend, a sister .. one who I haven't seen in forever.. but as soon as you see one another, well you just know you were never apart. You were in each other's hip pockets softly waiting until the opportune time to greet each other with hugs and whispers. 
You look into one another's eyes and remember the times... full of good things .. memories
I am blessed... you are blessed 
for the moment life is good and that is why we live to feel these moments of treasure ridden sparks that ignite when life is good. 
thank you

Apr 2, 2013

Tucson Bound

Here we are ... balmy weather and a beautiful home to stay in. We were blessed with this opportunity to explore these southern regions. From what we are gathering Tucson has the most sunshine days (300 days) of any other place in the nation. Balmy beautiful weather. Out our door is a wildlife sanctuary. There are javelinas, quails, deer, Gila lizards, tarantulas, coyotes and lots of critters. We were visited by quite a few of them. Today our land lady (wonderful spirit) visited us with baby ground squirrels ( a desert squirrel that looks like a cross between chipmunks, squirrels and gophers). Beautiful sounds were made as she hand fed them. Out the door the sun beckoned so off we went to explore some of the territory with Enya in tow.

Missing everyone, love to all and wishing everyone a good night.

Mar 31, 2013

Another great day in the Bluff

Another day in Bluff ... Easter Sunday and on a more spiritual note the rugged cone ridge , the back bone that projects upward from the land, created 63 million years ago (no joke). How spiritual can you get. Last year I had discovered a quiet shrine built long, long ago. Inside of this shrine my eyes fell upon blue bird feathers... I knew it was powerful medicine. A few feet down I discovered a large pottery shard...of the Anasazi people. These people disappeared long ago and left no trace. They call them the ancients here. They left behind ruins and beauty of which you can feel as you walk the land.
Today we rediscovered the land. Sunshine filled every nook and cranny. It was 75 degrees today, clear and beautiful. The desert sand drifted into our socks and shoes. Enya's pads were a wee sore but she enjoyed every water hole that we encountered. This was followed by rumps, rolls and tosses into the red sand which is in every crevice of her body...hmmm.
We headed down to the San Juan river to breathe in the cottonwood smell and take in the sunset. Spectacular.
Thinking of loved ones, thinking of how fortunate we all are on this beautiful planet. Every place on this earth  holds great mysteries abound. There is an incredible artist who lives here and works with willows and vines. He weaves them and creates symmetry. The fence picture is one of his creations. Beautiful.