Apr 12, 2013

Last day of Tucson sunshine and play

What a glorious get away. Eye-opening, heart-warming, foot-aching, rump through the country side. We have discovered new horizons in the art world filled with possibilities and friendship. 
We have seen some doors open 
We have had high hopes for the future of the arts and combining forces with our beloved Montana. 
We have visited with fellow artists, tourists, and comrades who love the arts.
We have laughed, drank tequila, and discussed world problems of which we could not cure but we sure as hell could laugh with others and know that our fellow members on this sweet planet still care deeply about each other despite differences. We rekindled old friendships (with ease) that fit into our pockets like the beautiful rocks that we saved as children. Life, you see, is so short. Yes some of us are quite aware of that but at age 54 I'm becoming more aware of this all the time. I want to see new horizons,,
I want to place my feet upon the sacred soil of Montana and other distant horizons as well.
I want to laugh, to cry, to hold my loved ones as close as the sunrise that unfolds in front of my eyes. 
Every morning, I sat, sunshine spilling over the Santa Catalina mountains shining down upon me. The spring air  filled with songs from the southern birds...
Yes, life is good. I have faith that life will unfold just as it's meant to do.
I have faith that my shoes will strive to dance everyday.
I have faith that this old heart of mine
will reveal  art sprouting from 


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