Oct 19, 2015

Humble Pie

I humbly write about the use of technology to share, to educate, to advertise, to put forth artistic visions in order to inform and create an audience. It is a healthy dose of humble pie when downloading art work, blogging to an audience, and sharing the next educational art experience with family, friends and the public. 
Whether through Facebook, Blogger, Instagram, or group e-mails it is a world of unfamiliarity at my age. Raised on a farm in central Montana we were told time and time again (an expression used by my mama) to be respectful, quiet, and above all be humble. Work hard and that work would reward us with prosperity and wealth of character. 
Now I know this to be true but let's consider the arts....all of the arts. Unless we are working in education we are usually not afforded an hourly or even monthly wage unless well established in our field. How does one go about being "Well established?"
You must be seen, heard, and/or felt in some manner. By felt I refer to emotionally touched through the senses. Our work needs to reach a larger audience. Also we must connect to this audience in order for them to understand our vision. Thus, words and images (possibly musical notes and writings) must be sent out to an audience who has expressed interest. 
So why am I writing on this subject matter. I have been fortunate enough in my art career to be involved with the MAP program (Montana Artrepreneur Program) through the Montana Arts Council. This program has offered a chance for artists to expand their knowledge on marketing art and connecting with artists and visionaries from around the state of Montana (as well as professionals from out of state). Montana is comprised of rural areas... areas of great solitude but also great stretches of isolation as well. There were times in my life when I craved artistic voices, sharing of ideas, touching base on the creation of art and how to market it. 
Being an artist is being a visionary. Being an artist is an honor that, for me, was in my blood from the moment I was born. Being an artist means you have chosen a career that will need to be promoted in some manner. With pride, I choose to promote my art along with my fellow artists. Pay it forward, lift our fellow artists and those with artistic vision. For more on MAP visit art.mt.gov