Feb 3, 2019

Alas Fear Set in...

"Clementine had yet to find her way in the dark. 
She kept reverting to light tactics which produced disconcerting notes of frustration...
Alas Fear Set in.." -Annie

After 2 weeks of medical circumstances with my partner. Two surgeries, Fourteen days of breathing in medical woes & worries... I came to Clementine, an alias of one's self. 
Walking the line between light and dark, searching for human touch and compassion & knowing that so many suffer from illness and isolation in our world. I am rereading Diane Ackerman's book "A Natural History of the Senses". Human touch is elusive for so many. There are mores and taboos that are taught as we grow up. When blessed with loving parents we are held close and tucked in with soft hands of wonder. As we grow up the touch often dissipates... somewhere along the line might even disappear. Perhaps touch becomes painful... I know it can lead to emotions that burst through the heart in the form of tears..difficult for many. Touch heals. So, alas, the medical field offers touch in certain ways that stimulate love and healing for many. No one wants to be alone or untouched. 
I search for ways to touch others. 
Through art, touch is granted access. 
This is my means of making a small difference in lives around me. 
I say. 
Of this world and yet my wings often allow me outside this world checking in now and again. Wings, you say. Wings have allowed Annie's World to exist if in fact survive. They often rise me above the dark void that threatens to engulf my spirit at times.