Feb 7, 2012


There is a full moon in the sky and I am full of nostalgic notions... Albuquerque oh the memories you stir in me. I entered your city in the year 2006 near my birthday with my dear friend Lorinda... I was looking for wisdom, for feminine spirtuality, for the sense of who I truly was and was becoming. My children were growing into sparks of wonderous seeds ... true caring human beings that I was proud to be part of..
I also knew that my marriage of many years had become quite stagnant and I pondered this.

Meinrad Craighead.. called my name through one passage in a book called "The Feminine Face of God" with her words she brought my heart into a search for more. Who was this marvelous artist, this woman of history, and of deep love for family and land..the strand, the connection ran deep.
It took two years but I saved every penny to come to her retreat. I was in the presence of holiness.. I can not even speak of the wonder I felt at meeting this lady. The first thing she did was to wash our feet ....need I say more
Twelve wonderous women coming together to search out who they were, to share their stories through oral history, to find love and understandment amongst peers.
What a treasure.
Now I stay here at the Cinnamon Morning bed and breakfast with the owner Sue, remembering those times and sharing with this dear sweet soul .."Trace".. I listen to great music under a full moon and know in my heart that life has handed me so many sweet treasures. My children, my grandchildren, my precious parents who brought me into this world.... and now the Man in the Moon ... one who understands me and allows me to be me with his wonderous family, I am so blessed...

I love you all
so very much...

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Jennifer Star said...

Annie! As one of those women at the Meinrad retreat, I'm so glad to hear you are having some good memories of Albuquerque. It's funny what we remember... I don't recall the washing of feet (maybe vaguely now that you mentioned it), but I do remember the group energy healing I received from all the women and Meinrad's dog to help with an intensely emotional issue I had come up with my ailing mother. So, I believe each of us was touched in some deep way by that retreat, albeit different. It would be fun to hear what each woman had to say about that. Love, J*