Feb 19, 2012

The wonderful padre beach with it's highway the tales of the shark eye snail

 We have some interesting tales to tell tonite. It starts with the fact that the north Padre beach is literally open to most pleasant activities or should I just say unpretentious ...Bicycling, running, walking dogs (preferably with leashes), beach combing, visiting with all who go there seems to be on the agenda. It's considered part of the Texas highway... that's right the highway. The sandy road next to the beach is (of course with speed limits) considered to have the same rules as the Texas highways. Friendly people of all kinds with happy children and pets hanging out of their jeeps, beach cars which resemble giant golf carts, motorcycles and of course bicycles of every make and manner. 
The locals hang with the visitors and enjoy tall tales, great story lines, and of course bullshit. 
We are slowly learning about the rhythms of the sea life that inhabit this place. On the south side (the jetty side) large sea going vessels come and go while the dolphins entertain us all day long with leaps out of the water and diving for food.( Pictures to come)
On the ocean side we have different makes and manners being washed ashore daily. As mentioned before we had one day of man of war jellyfish being swept up in great heaps on the beach, one day of crab shells littering the beach (the beautiful spotted kind called calico box crabs), one day of cabbage head jellyfish lined the beaches, and today partial sand dollars littered the beach (sadly enough I haven't encountered a whole one yet). But today I discovered the shark eye snail... talk about beautiful.. and no I don't take the shell when it's inhabited.. too much loved for the ocean life ya know. We played with them gently and watched them as they ate along the shore line. They are soft and gentle to the touch... 
Well more to come on our adventures.

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