Feb 9, 2012


My big thought on this trip has been the need to reconnect with land and silence. Nature brings about a sense of solitude, peacefullness, and responsibility. Once we are in nature itself.. literally living upon the land we feel a sense of responsibility to keep the land as it is, to never take it for granted, and how to literally live off the land. Having grown up in a family that loved the outdoors, who fished, hunted, wandered, and used all our senses to be in tune to all that was around us allowed us to grow richly and deeply embedded into the land. When family members camp, and just plain be live as much as possible in the great outdoors there is great respect and enjoyment for all that surrounds us. There are so many times that young audiences are not introduced to the land around them. These same people will often be angry and searching for meaning. They often litter and abuse the land (and people) around them for there is no respect. TV video games and mindless activities do not provide stimulation for minds. Where as creativity and play come alive when we are in the woods, by an ocean, or daydream by a land parcel. Bugs, trees, birds, leaves, rocks ... on an on bring out the best in all of us.
I'm so honored to see my children play with their young children in the outdoors (even playing with other children). Teaching young adults how to hunt and fish with great respect for the animal or fish that they are relying upon for food and knowing that their is balance to life and all that surrounds us... treasures await us all. ...

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