Feb 6, 2012

Comb Ridge

Bluff is full of old artifacts (including us :). Everyplace one walks, turns, moves there are discoveries to be made and earth to appreciate. Dinosaurs fill the crevices, 1200 bc native cultures fill the area (the first inhabitants of Bluff). The beautiful rock art is everywhere in every corner of this area. The most interesting part is that one is free to roam and enjoy. (Of course with great respect for the land). We visited with a very good artist (who originated from Baton Rouge and had lived in the area for years). He pointed us out on several very great hikes. The weather cooperated and the sun was shining with 50 degree temps. Storm clouds gathered as we hiked for around 4 hours. You could literally feel the age of the land under your feet. As I gently climbed one knob, to my gentle surprise I found a large shard of Native old pottery with a blue bird feather nearby... I was blessed. We encountered many agates, pertrified wood, and on and on. But the best part was soaking the grand earth up together... not rushing through.. pure enjoyment of each other and the land..

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