Feb 1, 2012

The journey begins

So here we are after our 12 hour journey...ooftah....yes I feel a bit like my old norwegian grandma... having landed here in Moab with 4 hours of sleep Tuesday night... couldn't sleep due to my anxiety... on hmmm my clothes (did I pack enough, are they warm enough, will I look like a doofus in them... .man talk about insecurities )..Shook that off! I think that was the lack of sleep monster catching up with me.. and perhaps no food in the old tank..

But we landed here in Moab as the sun was setting with it's glorious rich blue hues hitting the rugged landscapes of rust and green. Everything was illuminated and glowing just for us don't you know... don't let the Gods tell you any different... we are the chosen ones.. Trace and I :)

We checked into the Kokopelli Inn with Enya in tow... talk about a wonderful traveler, slept and woke up now and then to make sure we were there! The rooms are retro southwest... he he. Bright paislies with green, purple, mod lamps and a fun hot tub out back! We are here for three nights and all I can say is yahooooooo. The cold corona was marvelous and the fresh veggies with our tacos to die for. Love ya alllll

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annie said...

great place,Miss you but this is so exciting Love mom