Feb 3, 2012

A snowy beautiful day on the islands in the sky

 A beautiful snowy day here in Moab. As we climbed up the road to the Canyonlands to view the Islands in the Sky (literally you would think you were viewing islands in the sky) we encountered snow... a few good inches of the white stuff. Yes we thought of home with it's rain and snow and wished we could send some of the fluffy white stuff back home to all of you. The temperatures were a whopping 33 degrees with a bright sun which led to some great hiking but slippery slopes with the rocks. We traisped around on the hills viewing the spectacular cuts in this large land and marveled how the Canyonlands resembled the grand canyon.
I'm left to think about the fact that these great protruding mountain masses which follow North America from North to South seems to hold us in enchantment. It's no small wonder that many of us fellow Montana folks migrate to the Arizona lands which hold as many mysteries as our surrounding mountains with different climate agents. Mysterious formations live in all of these lands and I think it fair to say it is in our blood when we are born in the surrounding lands. Even coming from the eastern Montana plains I felt drawn to the badlands and knew that the land held great promise for my soul. The Native artifacts surrounded us and we felt their power.
I look forward to tomorrow with our bikes and our bosty in her perch as we bike through trails that lead us to Bluff Utah.

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