Feb 12, 2012

Blustery Sunday

Well here we are, waking up Sunday slowly, luxioursly...breathing into it... ahhhh
The wind is whipping (as it was yesterday too :). Rain and humidity are high today so we will take a break from bicycles and walks. Perhaps painting is in order I'm thinking. I have a head full of ideas and charged fully, so what the hell.
Yesterday was filled with long bike rides and walks on the beach. The wind was whipping but it was invigorating. I even think Enya enjoyed the walking on the beach, not only objects to sniff but many dogs to greet. After our long bike ride we ended up at Beaches... great spot for some good coffee and had a key lime crescent.
Tonite we have quesidillas (not sure if I spelled that right) and using up of many great veggies and pork from last night's feast. Laundry is a must.. we have many loads for this is the first time of cleaning clothes since we started out on our journey. Can you believe it ... February 12... wow
Missing everyone, and yet I know it's time to relax and catch my wind....
Seeing the art galleries and tourist centers fills my brain with ideas and thoughts..
We have decided to beachcomb over on an island that is uninhabited... we will catch a ferry over and hopefully see dolphins!!!
There are many treasures on the beach but many people out looking also...:)
ahhh here's to the day unfolding...

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