Feb 27, 2011


When one stays in one spot expecting something to happen... you become so self-involved that the view becomes blurred and opportunities are not seen.

Even when the opportunities knock loudly the sound of loneliness and invasion of the blues blocks the air waves that try to enter your head...

When one's vision clears up and swift kicks to the head (ass, etc.) are delivered blessings arise...

Branching begins from the trunk of one's body...

One begins to see possibilities within the talents of your own soul

Talents of which no one else possesses in the same exact way

Branches twist forth revealing new connections, blooms of hope and love...

The tree begins to recognize that no one is alone in this complicated world of illusions

When one allows the branches to reach out to the joyous sky, to reach out to other branches of different worlds, to reach out for all opportunities that arise...

Joy fills the soul,

Possibilities bloom

Branch forth




Feb 26, 2011

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind.. a moment when we leave this world behind

Knowing full well reality is created within boundaries floating around the mind

Peace of Mind... standing still in space.. no thought of time or things rushing by us

Knowing full well there is nothing that can penetrate the bubble where we exist unless we choose

Peace of Mind... a sense, a whisper, hints of uplifting sensations that fill us

Knowing full well that this brief moment will fill us with such tender emotion that we dare share

Peace of Mind... there is only these brief moments in life where we make the best of it

Knowing full well that this too will pass, and onward (perhaps upward) we will travel to other places

Peace of Mind

Feb 23, 2011

Morning Light

We are all as different as the morning light

That spills forth in the daylight hours over my trundle bed

Each day provides new light, new hopes, new horizons

Each person we meet in our life provides new light, new hopes, and new horizons

I can no longer go back to my old ways of fulfilling the needs of a small few that live in my space

I can no longer push back my dreams and desires

I can now go eagerly forward .. at times scared.. at times reaching out for a hand

I can now go eagerly forward knowing I have given my best and that there is more to come

What will the morning light bring


Bursting in of life and plans


Explosions of laughter and excitement for the day


But each morning light, just as each person, will enter in a different manner

holding new promises for each moment

Boredom... I know not this word

Have been baffled by it most of my life

Morning Light

New hopes

Bring forth the plan

Feb 22, 2011

A Gentle Thank you

A Gentle Thank you to my blessed ones
This search for the right pathway has taken me into some wonderful lives
And some lives that have always been beside me
inside of me :)
and before me without me even knowing'
As I enter, but yet, another realm of new adventure
I want to take the time to say thank you for your support
Beliefs in me and around me
I will be forever grateful
Annie's World

Finding our Way

Perhaps we are meant to be alone..

The Search is fun, exhilirating, full of anxiety...

I am set in my way... Ma tis set in her ways..

Yet I search... for the perfect love and understanding... gentleness

Respectfully Yours

I will be with the stars in Annie's World

Tis all good here

As we know we do create our own reality




Centering but once again

As one prepares for yet another step into the development of one's character I am reminded of the slip ups, the tumbles, and the tears. I am reminded that there were always dear friends to pick up the pieces and dust one's skin off as gently as wiping a babies soft round bottom. I am reminded that the most growth happened during these times of turmoil.

And here the one (maw ah... me) lands knowing that every step has guided me to this moment of new growth. I have no clue whether this next big venture will work in the scheme of things but I do know that it might provide a place of comfort for some, that we might have some snorts and giggles together as a community, that we might sense some unity and love as we gather through drink, good chatter, and some delicious treats and that art will surround us.

Yes, soon within the next month or two we (as in the community and I) will start our new adventure together. We will piece together a shell of beauty and warmth filled with great art, good stories, creative writing, relaxing moments, time zones to honor our youth and seniors, and of course great coffee or drink.

I am scared, anxious, nervous... but when I feel very alone in this venture I am reminded that I'm not alone.. thank you to all for their offers and wise wisdom. You will be called upon when I am weak. Also my goal for the coffee shop/art gallery is not to provide competition as much as to offer help to all as we travel this leg of life during difficult times in economy and troubles. Community projects (such as our wonderful garden in Lincoln) heal and provide companionship. Working together not against each other provides joy and laughter of which we all need.

The name of this new venture: "Roasted: Delectable Art and Coffee"

We will provide a teen center two nights a week, a quiet haven for all to gather for conversation, games, reading, study areas, and quiet. We will rotate art so that new visions will appear and art classes will be offered for all. We will have art supplies available on quiet back tables for those that feel the need to create. And eventually we hope to have a wall of history on Lincoln and Montana.

I send love to all,