Feb 23, 2011

Morning Light

We are all as different as the morning light

That spills forth in the daylight hours over my trundle bed

Each day provides new light, new hopes, new horizons

Each person we meet in our life provides new light, new hopes, and new horizons

I can no longer go back to my old ways of fulfilling the needs of a small few that live in my space

I can no longer push back my dreams and desires

I can now go eagerly forward .. at times scared.. at times reaching out for a hand

I can now go eagerly forward knowing I have given my best and that there is more to come

What will the morning light bring


Bursting in of life and plans


Explosions of laughter and excitement for the day


But each morning light, just as each person, will enter in a different manner

holding new promises for each moment

Boredom... I know not this word

Have been baffled by it most of my life

Morning Light

New hopes

Bring forth the plan

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