May 25, 2016


There is an ambience to a windbreak, created by humans, protecting & providing. Hidden from the world, I rested among the branches leaning into the comfort of trees. Wings filled the air with flitting sounds, beaks filled the air with chatter and music. Sunlight filtered in allowing daydreams to persist. Sitting quietly allowing rabbits the curious moment of testing me with their nose and viewing with sideways glance. My granddaughter does this same curious movement. Girl of the earth sniffs the air and views her grandmother with a quick sideways look before scampering in all directions.
It is good to exist hidden from view. Times are troubling, windbreaks are needed...sniffing the air for safety and comfort..
Using my hands is comforting. I believe it was comforting for the father to build windbreaks... protecting & providing.
Perhaps the earth is in need of more windbreaks, strong windbreaks to protect us from cruel words, from bullies who persist. Where we can listen, smell and cast a sideways glance.

May 13, 2016

Thoughts on Art Houses vs. Art Galleries

Some thoughts to consider. I ran an art house in Lincoln Montana for 4 years and was often times curious about the energy that existed in the art house. It was warm, inviting, open to all despite race, religion, political views, etc. It was  meant to represent how I was raised in central Montana, Laredo (near Havre) to be exact. We were very open to company that came calling at our home. We lived in rural, and I mean rural Montana. We welcomed all peeps despite opinions or views as long as you could get along with one another over coffee (or beverages) and mom's homemade baked goods. Believe me homemade baked goods creates quite a euphoric atmosphere. Another story will have to be about mom's homemade cinnamon rolls after sledding!
So as the art (coffee) house evolved I realized that the comfort level produced the atmosphere conducive to educating the public about art. Relaxed and warm + inviting = ahhh, fill me in on your teachings! I believe that this is an important element in Montana. 
Give me your tired, give me your starved, give me your weak... let's provide them some understanding and friendship. Hospitality and art education! Love to all of you. 


May 9, 2016

Accumulation of Talus

Talus has extracted itself from my headwall, trickled down the front of me, forming a fractured crusty protalus rampart at my root system. There are moments of realization that removal of this accumulative talus is crucial to my well-being. It is accumulating due to stress, overloads, change...and that is the time to... simply...release. 
Now what does one do with the accumulation of talus, or scree, at your root system... the base of your body? 
These broken parts provide hazardous travels and often times sharp barriers to overcome. 
All in due time, life softens the edges of the talus and they become memories. Memories and hillsides where green begins to sprout, where pikas & marmots scamper, and the butterflies land...remembering as my headwall ages & trickles more talus. 

My inspiration for this writing came from "Home Ground: Language for an American Landscape"
Barry Lopez, Editor
Debra Gwartney, Managing Editor

May 6, 2016

Deep Water Wells of Intimacy

I have been drawn to authentic souls most of my life. By authentic I refer to individuals who can reveal a glimpse of their soul along a line of conversation. 
An individual who looks into the back of your retina to see what you are made of and what color your soul is.

Superficiality does not appeal to me. Who you know, who your associations are with, who you feel will buy your passage into some great kingdom of yore... not interested. 

There is a depth to our fellow winged creatures...a depth to their song, to their flight, to their vision of life... purpose and passion exist for them.
Currently their song floats through the spring breeze in my studio... beckoning... come play. 
 No sign of polished surface, no sign of illusion, no sign of falsehood. 

Just a murmuring of songs, feathers and survival. 
Superficial does not exist here.

Intimate outlooks

Live for the day,
 love for the moment.
Bare your soul and look me in the eye.