May 6, 2016

Deep Water Wells of Intimacy

I have been drawn to authentic souls most of my life. By authentic I refer to individuals who can reveal a glimpse of their soul along a line of conversation. 
An individual who looks into the back of your retina to see what you are made of and what color your soul is.

Superficiality does not appeal to me. Who you know, who your associations are with, who you feel will buy your passage into some great kingdom of yore... not interested. 

There is a depth to our fellow winged creatures...a depth to their song, to their flight, to their vision of life... purpose and passion exist for them.
Currently their song floats through the spring breeze in my studio... beckoning... come play. 
 No sign of polished surface, no sign of illusion, no sign of falsehood. 

Just a murmuring of songs, feathers and survival. 
Superficial does not exist here.

Intimate outlooks

Live for the day,
 love for the moment.
Bare your soul and look me in the eye. 

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