May 25, 2016


There is an ambience to a windbreak, created by humans, protecting & providing. Hidden from the world, I rested among the branches leaning into the comfort of trees. Wings filled the air with flitting sounds, beaks filled the air with chatter and music. Sunlight filtered in allowing daydreams to persist. Sitting quietly allowing rabbits the curious moment of testing me with their nose and viewing with sideways glance. My granddaughter does this same curious movement. Girl of the earth sniffs the air and views her grandmother with a quick sideways look before scampering in all directions.
It is good to exist hidden from view. Times are troubling, windbreaks are needed...sniffing the air for safety and comfort..
Using my hands is comforting. I believe it was comforting for the father to build windbreaks... protecting & providing.
Perhaps the earth is in need of more windbreaks, strong windbreaks to protect us from cruel words, from bullies who persist. Where we can listen, smell and cast a sideways glance.

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