Jul 17, 2016

Digging up Roots & Planting Color

Digging, excavating...allowing time to creep into our bones and information to disperse through our system. We all come from somewhere... lines of colors, shapes, sizes & varieties... thus spice of life.
Differences, often, produce disharmony. Competitive spirits exist within us... thrusting forward demanding recognition... but all lines are of value and provide the great diversity of the world we live in.
While digging we realize the ponderous lines have come through many hardships... floods, washed out coulees, jagged cliff edges, sun-parched lands. The struggles have weakened & strengthened the lines of color. Clinging together for strength, lines have intermingled resulting in harmonious new colors & possibilities. Planting occurred and the power of new seedlings provides hope in a world ever-changing.
Dedicated to the immigrants who filled Montana with diversity in the 1890's.

I was fortunate to guide & teach an art camp at the Sculpture in the Wild, http://www.sculptureinthewild.com, in Lincoln Montana. Our theme was "Digging up Roots & Planting Color". We studied immigration and the beautiful ripple effect it had on our state. This same ripple, in beautiful lines of color, affects us today. Through food, games, crafts, work, and etc. Mixing, mingling, & blending occurred.
The lesson continued to grow as we discussed our connections to the international artists from all walks of life. We are connected in one form or another. Beautiful lines of diversity.
I'm filled with pride to live in a state of beauty and old values. My hopes & prayers would be acceptance of all lines, shapes, colors...

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