Jul 21, 2016

Changing The Dynamic of Lineage

Wrong-doings, hurts, sorrows, indiscretions...apologies. I've had a few and created quite a few.
The past haunts.
Mistakes made, words said....undercurrents of deep love always exist.
For twenty beautiful expressions said...one expression (without thinking) dissolves the twenty well-meaning thought out expressions of love. 
Humans are complex.

Movement forward, reflection... I love aging. It treats me well. Youth...it was harsh on me, scared me and left me exhausted. 
Raising children...that was icing on the cake of youth. 
Youth allowed play time with them...
Aging would have allowed wisdom and silence more. Just keep going, just keep plugging... 
I'm in love with the ones I've helped create.
Their turn to try & do their best for the future lineage. 

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