Jun 26, 2017

July spins

Spins... spirals...life is made up of concentric circles... water drops hitting and revolving into wider areas of circular patterns.
 Into the movement of these drops I am, for spinning in one place does not quite suit me very well.
It leads to headaches and misunderstanding.

Sifting through the patterns of circular movement provides deep reflection and understanding. Emotional garbage is set free if one ventures further in.
These circles lie in thoughts... hidden...

Hidden beauty...
if one persists.

July seems
to be
spinning forth...slipping and sliding...
perhaps a shove is needed.
No spinning wheels,
just July movement.
July Spins. 

Jun 1, 2017

Community ties

Building ties, Community ties.
             Bringing gifts to the forefront...

Looking deep inside and engaging concepts that could benefit others...

                      Don't check out... decommission and/or drift into ....

Check out ... time

                                 Feel deeply and exhale as you allow yourself room to breathe.

Then begin to build ties... ties of community that will hold you tightly.