Sep 28, 2011


I know life is full of see saws, ups and downs, giggles and tears, and then.... blah...hmm, what is up with that

It shouldn't be... there should just be a wonderful silence, meditative moments, blessings stirred

but all of a sudden your body, spirit, mind goes blank... and blah

When one consumes enough blah... retaliation pops up saying no more... blah

Then remarkably we bounce back... whoopee!!

No more blah... joyous laughter, tears wake up our heads with images that cause our blahs to melt away... stirring our hearts

Oh life is recklessly wonderful..

and yes sometimes... blah

Sep 8, 2011


Feathers drift into my pathway
reminding me that my loved ones are in my presense... they know
Feathers are gifts from those loved ones.. feathers and heart rocks
You loved me, you guided me... now the angels watch over you
you are held in arms of gold
no longer pain in your heart for being quite human
and the joy ... oh the sweet joy of memories with us.. they will illuminate your very soul
as you dance with angels

I can feel your touch
sense when I chuckle that you laugh with me
when I drink your favorite drink I know you share it with me
thank you for the feathers that drift my way.....
you are an angel