Jan 10, 2013

Unfolding in a natural manner

Old fears and past hurts haunt me. Every morning I begin with meditations and new thoughts cleansing my mind and letting go. More of this is needed as I begin again... The mind and ego play tricks on my body, on my spirit and on my memory. Alone... all alone is now viewed as a good thing and often times I find that being with negative energy (even sensing it) can send me in a spin of sadness. This too has to be let go of, for I'm not in control of others. I have a shelter, an abbey, a sanctuary inside of me.. and only I can use it to it's full capability. Lean silently on strong words and actions, lean on the love that surrounds me and let go of the rest. 
I live in a village of right wing propaganda, of old energy that demands selfish reasoning, of viewpoints as large as a pin drop. And yet, I live also with quiet energy that forms from rugged mountains and clear streams. This energy demands for me to walk upon its surface, to heave my problems aside, and to cleanse my soul through the air particles that surround me. 
I live in a village of fears, of change being scorned and of making a buck at the cost of another. And yet, I live with quiet souls who keep to themselves, who long for positive changes in the world around them and who know the value of helping another. 
I have a gentle need, a drive inside of me, to make a difference and to touch the world through art. I have a sense of the unknown and mystical power that surrounds me while I create or when I take in art that startles me with beauty and hope for human beings. I long to talk with kindred spirits who are passionate about life, about art, about love for all life on this planet. There has to be a better way, 
I am looking for the open door this year. I will look for it with confidence and gratitude. I will look for this opportunity to grow and expand. I am grateful for the chance to open a new business, to watch it grow, to see the changes it provided in some people, and to see the faces of new people as they entered the doors of Roasted. The ones who received the energy and walked away refreshed, anew and motivated. These people touched me and made a difference in my life. They came up to me curious about the building, about the art, and about me... a metropolis in the middle of the sleepy mountain town... curious.
I am ready for the unfolding to happen in a natural way. I am ready to relax into the unfolding and trust that it will guide me where I need to be. I am ready to become one with my natural self and to trust that it's ok to be me. I am ready, full of gratitude, time to let all go