Oct 25, 2021

Enya Says

 Greetings fellow canines and human friends. Just to set your hearts and noggins to rest, I’ve

been vaccinated in case you want to visit. I chose the vaccine with the cognitive enhancer

which, as I’ve read will result in at least a 6 point increase in my full scale bow wow score. To

date, I’m still waiting for its impact upon my thinking. Don’t get me wrong, I can still perform

my usual tasks. I remember the location of the food bowl, I know where the doors are located

for my daily exits, but my reading seems to have slipped a bit. Multi syllable words are causing

my fur to dander. Occasionally I holler at Clark for some help in this arena but he seems to

experiencing some of the same difficulty. I hope the enhancer kicks in for both of us quickly as

I have a few meetings later this summer which require my full capacity and he has stuff to do.

My doggie friends. I certainly hope you have received the vaccine. I could say “hope and pray”

but we Bosties don’t pray, we trust. We trust that when we get vaccinated for things I do not

entirely understand the shot will prevent worms from taking over my system. I trust I will not fall

prey to measles or dog polio. As some of you may know we doggies have had the vaccines for

decades. You may not know this, but these health bumps are more than maladies to Bosties.

We succumb. I do not wish to cash in my precious chips, thus when Annie says,”load er up,” I

know there’s a hypodermic with my name on it. I’m ok with that.

Dang, I deplore talking about health issues, it’s not my nature but here goes: My hearing seems

to be seeping away. I know this because I cannot hear, yet I have these other sensory powers.

Here’s how it unfolds. I’m sleeping on the couch…blissfully. Before I can see him nor obviously

hear him coming, Clark sneaks up on me and gives me the “hey buddy, let’s play.” This

expression is always associated with some demonic wrangling of my ears, which we Bosties

deplore…it’s for Labradoodles. I give him a long yawn hoping he’ll go away. If anything, Clark is

persistent. It continues in this fashion until I finally bite him. He removes himself and seeks

solace from Annie. That girl saves his tush in so many ways.

Be assured mates, we are pushing through here in the Lincoln Metroplex. It’s been smokey and

some of my friends seem to be snared up about social issues. The one thing I notice as Annie

and I do a creek walk is: hey, where’s the water? This is disturbing for me and my friends. I’m a

little embarrassed as my reading is not so contemporary on this global warming business.

Furthermore, I don’t know what’s going on downstream. Nonetheless, my friends and I have

agreed to be careful with the water. We have formed an alliance not to pee in the water as we

all require it. If it seems I’m waxing philosophical here, well that’s who we Bosties are. Thankful

 for every day but not so adept at enduring other dogpoo when it’s on my trail.

Adios, my companaros.

keep crunching and good sniffing.

Sep 12, 2021

Good Vibrations

 Sending out a boat load of good vibrations tonight. Kindness and gratitudes to all who we meet. The eyes tell it all. 

Mar 24, 2021

Enya Says, March 2021

 Enya Says

Hello fellow canines and the humans we own. Well, once again I find myself in Tubac, AZ. We

seem to be acculturized to this place. Kinda like homogenized only different. It’s a sweet little

spot here and the weather seems to fit our clothes. (Skipping over the ocean like a stone)

Thank you Donovan. To date I have spotted no lizards. I know they’re out there as I can smell

them. For Bosties this scent is not fragrant. It’s nothing like huffing a poodle or even a

schnowzer. From my observations of previous trips I’ve noted the crafty roadrunner is undetected.

I’m ok with this as he makes me nervous. He’s just too dang fast for me to get out of

the way and that beak is terrifying. I’m sure he’ll arrive before long as he knows I’m sleeping

here. He haunts my dreams.

I took a road trip with Annie and Clark to Nogales last week. I thought we were going to see the

futile Donald wall and Annie would do some casual graffiti but this was not the case. It was not

a joyous outing for me as they took me to a Vet and caught me off-guard as Annie and Clark

disguised their intent. It appears I have bulging eye syndrome. Not a fatal condition just a pain

in the eye. As a result of this surprise I have the displeasure of eye ointment daily. What we

pooches don’t tolerate for our people. Anyway, I guess this is the stuff that happens as we

push along our life’s trail. On a positive note the vet was good enough and a graduate of

Northern Nogales School of Vetinary something. A plaque on his wall said he had a solid GPA.

The other patients didn’t smell that bad so I tolerated the ordeal, except for that rectal thermometer.

Annie is a good swimmer. We have a pool and I’m told it’s heated. Insignificant to me as I am a

sinker and dare not enter the thing called water. I have entertained the thought but I am a prudent

Bostie as we, like some humans are top heavy. Clark has developed a scoring card for

Annie’s water entries. From what I understand it’s built around 2 scales: 1. Degree of difficulty

and 2. Technical merit. She appears to earn low scores for degree of difficulty but earns mediocre

marks for technical merit. Interpret this for yourself. She makes me so proud. I’ve heard

from Annie that Clark is doing well. Truth be known, I saw him get on his bike and although the

climbing aboard the device looked snaky to me he tottered off and returned home shortly

thereafter. I was surprised and pleased upon his return as he provides snacks Annie does not

think are healthy for me.

I’ve heard my people talk of trips to art galleries followed by something called margaritas. From

earlier trips these outings seem to make humans in these parts loquacious and happy followed

by food and more margaritas. We Bosties are more intrinsically driven I think and less prone to

outside influences such as tequila. Personally, a little chicken broth is heavenly. The days are

blissful and warm in Tubac. Annie applies sunscreen to my tender fur each day and rubs the

excess on herself. Clark seems resistive to this concept and has subsequently blistered his

hide. He calls it a tan. I shake my head at him and wonder. As I have previously written, I like

pretty much all the differences that go along with living here a short time. The atmosphere, the

southwest dog food, the siestas, rides in the truck, blah blah blah. To me the differences aren’t

better nor worse than my beloved Montana they just help me celebrate our sameness.

Vaya con dios, my friends.


Sep 10, 2020

Enya Says, Yup She's back at it!


Hello fellow canines and humans I have encountered along the trail. It’s twilight at this Ranch where I live with Annie and Clark. It was a blustery day. Very different from the fur-warming days of the past weeks sharing mid-morning lounging with Annie and Clark on the deck. The wind blew and that unsettles me.  One of my thoughts was, “something is rolling in.” I hoped it was not something “new” creeping its way into our lives. Like you, I’ve had quite enough of new things moving along the edge of where we live and getting comfortable at our doorsteps. 

I miss romping with my friends, catching a sniff of strange tail on my roadside strolls with 

Annie, and the abandon in the way we used to approach daily living. Don’t start up with me on social media. I live the life of Riley. Was he a French Poodle? You clowns should have it so good. Tonight’s table menu consisted of roasted chicken scraps, a heavily buttered plate from left-over corn on the cob, topped off with a nice spoon of 3 day old cheesecake. I’m happy. 

It’s just different these days. Not bad, worse, infirmary, just different. We strive for balance in our lives here at the Ranch. I’m a firm believer in the notion that if you don’t have a roadmap, any road will get you there, thus we wake in the morning and share a cup of Joe, good conversation and turn our gaze and thoughts to how to make a smidgen of difference for good in the world. Today, I consciously decided not to chase the garden chipmunk.  He may have been disappointed but it was my small contribution to helping nature remain calm for a few minutes. 

Annie is busy with everything but especially over the past 4 months. Clark isn’t falling apart but his old hips and back ain’t what they used to be...whatever that was. I’ve noted he doesn’t have his usual alacrity (a word I heard on NPR). I hear Annie tell her people that “Clark is 

coming around.” In our canine world this usually means someone is coming over to sniff your butt. I don’t see that happening with Clark anytime soon. 

Annie’s deck flowers snag your breath away. I think we’re doing good at slowing things down and letting the goodness of each day sink in. I’m sending you all love and good snacking.

Your Bostie friend,


Jul 21, 2020

The Hula Hoop Lady... Iris

Where to begin... We have lived in Missoula at the Wilma for almost a month. Daily characters arrive in this building and outside this building at Caras Park. The story of how we arrived will follow this one tonight. 
I think of these unusual characters who enter my lexicon quite often. My drawing tablet is carried and I create quick sketches, discretion applied of course. Trying to capture the feeling, the subtle nuance of the moment... and answering the question "Why this person?"
The Hula Hoop Lady, who I shall name Iris, entered my life several times as I walked my pooch Enya. I'm quite positive Enya has been fascinated with Iris as well. Iris is bold with her hula hoops, she loves clothing on the scant side and (absolutely love this) is quite proud of her body and abilities! So yes, I've been fascinated and charmed by her. 
Yesterday afternoon though, something or someone had broken her heart... I can only hope it was a temporary break. Her outfit was fit for a queen with sparkles and flowing soft chiffon. Her face was smudged with eyeliner and her cheeks were beyond rosy with the rubbing of her hands. Her hula hoops laid quiet at her feet. I felt that I should look away but my heart wanted to help. 
This morning I awoke to the drawing above and I thought about what life hands us. 
Our morning meditation is always greeted with this website by Garrison Keillor: 

The poem this morning fit perfect. 

Dawn Revisited
by Rita Dove

Imagine you wake up
with a second chance: The blue jay
hawks his pretty wares
and the oak still stands, spreading
glorious shade. If you don’t look back,
the future never happens.
How good to rise in sunlight,
in the prodigal smell of biscuits –
eggs and sausage on the grill.
The whole sky is yours
to write on, blown open
to a blank page. Come on,
shake a leg! You’ll never know
who’s down there, frying those eggs,
if you don’t get up and see.

May 8, 2020

Shifts and Evolutions

Storm clouds they are building. Even in that, there is beauty. I remind myself, time and time again, it's all in perspective. The cool mountain air soothes me and calms my nerves. Yes, I walk a great deal. Bless my daughter for always knowing... "Let's go for a walk mom."
My son's beautiful family... they feel miles away (more than the 60 they already are). They help with the family grocery store (and they run a butcher shop) so needless to say they are keeping Trace and I safe by not exposing us. The reality, many families are living life in similar fashion, if not worse scenarios, with possible death or sick loved ones.
Trace I hold him close, he's due for hip replacement. It's severity showing by each passing day, movement is painful... but there again how lucky we feel to be alive and know our kids are safe.
Prayers and energy work are completed every morning, for not only does Mother Earth need it but her living creatures (including us humans) need it badly.
Shifts and Evolutions are needed, are thoughts to be analyzed and put in place. New ways of thinking, of healing, of questioning. Breathing (as a wise friend once told me) is our one true gift on this planet and it's absolutely free. Use your breath to calm, to cleanse and to consider your creative future. 

Mar 20, 2020

Enya Says

Howdy, howdy to all my western and eastern friends. It may be difficult for some of you residing in the west to realize I have a few friends east of the Missouri River, but I do. A book you should all consider reading is “Travels with Charlie,” penned by Mr. Steinbeck. It’s not about Steinbeck, it’s about Charlie...one of us, a canine. We canines have long languished in the shadow of the humans we love and cherish. Charlie tells the truth. Some of that telling is rugged so if you’re a member of a faint-hearted breed like Pom-Poms or whatever, this may not be the reading for you. Back to the book. Charlie postulates that the West actually begins on the west bank of the Missouri River separating Bismarck from Mandan. If the reverse postulate is true, East begins on the east bank of same river. By that measure I have one friend who lives in the East, Bismarck. His name is Winston. Possibly more on the differences between westerners and easterners as space warrants. 

I’ll dispense with the civilities of being here in Tubac first off. Nothing we’ve experienced has eaten away at our affection for this place. I know as I eavesdrop on the end-of-the-day conversations with Annie and clark they feel the same. Sure, there’s been a little more rain and a few blustery days but I hasten to remind you I can take a walk here every day without my winter boots and scarf.  Try those muck boots on for size, you diehards. I’ve sighted a few backyard lizards but nothing I would hang over the hearth at home. I’m keeping my eye (the good one) peeled for a suitable trophy and story to match but I’m resolved to go home without filling out my tag if it so happens. 

I’m eating well, and the cuisine is excellent with numerous treats. I might be overdoing this siesta thing but it seems to serve me well. Sometimes clark and I siesta at the same time. Annie reports this generates a bucket of snoring and calls it a cacophony. I don’t think this is a compliment as she says it interferes with her art. In defense of clark and I we support the arts in many other ways. What’s a little snoring? 

Moving on to timely events in my life. Some things have changed down here for we canines. I’m not sure I’m in favor of these changes as change is not in my blood line. We Bostie’s are all about the action. We want to sniff, explore, push the boundary on canine convention. We’re just naturally bred leaders. You’ve been around me. You all know I’m smart, well read, listen to things I don’t believe are true. It challenges my leadership traits when I’m told what to do, and how often to do it. Annie and clark are calling this new thing “corornavirus.”  For me, it has so many syllables I can’t pronounce it. I just know what Annie and clark are talking about when I hear that word. Clark talks about the bell-shaped swerve and exponyentals. Maybe I’ve underestimated what he thinks he knows. 

Nonetheless, I can tell from our daily drive-throughs in Tubac things have slowed down. The dancing and fighting I used to see at Tubac Jacks by noon just isn’t there. The somewhat large peeps with Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin license plates on their cars are no longer waddling in the middle of the street. I can’t believe it but I think the Mariachi Band has packed it in and are staying home with their loved ones and margaritas. 

Here’s what’s going on out there means to you my fellow pooch gringos. Butt sniffing has been restricted. If a crew of 6 dogs approach you, much as you desire, sniff their ass from a distance of at least 6 feet. You never know where these rascals have traveled. Maybe nowhere, but maybe somewhere. Furthermore, they are no less concerned about where your ass has been and the company you keep. I’m ok with this as my olfactory sense is still working. For those of you not so fortunate...keep your nose safe. (See next page for more)
Here’s where it gets confusing for me. If a single comrade approaches you, it’s acceptable to give a sniff and a huff but for no more than 3 seconds and conclude that with a butt bump. Make it count.  

More than 3 seconds places you at risk of something getting into your wiring and from what I’ve read the results are unsavory. I treasure my wiring. For you male types out there: keep your preferred rear leg locked up when passing by your personal friend, the fire hydrant. 

My personal grooming has accelerated. Last week I asked Annie for sanitized warm water in my dish twice a day and I put all fours in that dish for 20 seconds several times each day.  Actually, it’s quite soothing. I don’t lick my ass quite as often anymore. I realize I’m missing out on valuable nutrients but hey, my age puts me in the middle of the “at risk” cluster of canines. I’m not about to take unnecessary chances. I’ve nearly got clark trained and I’m not risking all the work I’ve put into him. In the evening, I watch old Westerns with Annie and clark. Sometimes we have popcorn, which I’m told is still safe for consumption. The brethren I feel sorry for are the pooches in containment with no one to visit them. Some aren’t feeling so good. Some don’t have any help. Some are shuffling on. 

So my furry friends count your bow-wow blessings. Don’t be a stupido out there with butt sniffing and public scratching. We’ve been around a long time and we know a few things about pushing through. Remember the Bostie credo:  “be well, be safe, be nice.”

Arf Arf.

Your friend,