Nov 20, 2011

Strength of our own choosing

I relish in my own strength these days. There are things I can achieve, there are people who I can help in infinite ways, there are avenues that are open to me when other avenues crash around me, and there is family that will always love despite not understanding me. On the flip side there are things I can't achieve, people who I will never understand or are meant to help, there are avenues that are blocked for reasons while others lay waiting in expectancy, and there are expectations unmet.

The strength lies in knowing that there are limitations and there are areas of achievements, that life lays in waiting anticipation of the talents that we all possess, that I now have people who stand behind me despite any odds, that I now stand behind myself even if it means walking away from situations that lack compromise, are hurtful, or are unproductive. There are things, people, situations that need to work themselves out.. even if it means hitting bottom and trying to recover while swimming upstream gasping. I will be waiting with outstretched hands when the timing is right... I promise for I am stronger than most give me credit... my strength lies in silence, warmth, emotions...

There are treasures in all of us..

seek and we will find

love to all