Mar 6, 2012

So you ask what all do they do on the beaches in Port Aransas (and we're not talking spring break here). We have seen so much and so many interesting characters here. One man who exercises everyday (so many seniors running, walking, biking, and exercising) was immortalized in a watercolor at the Art Center! He carries a stick on his shoulders with both hands running through and is a huge bear of a man. He's had surgery on his legs and is staying in shape along the ocean... what a sweetheart.
People are kite surfing, go cart sailing (with a kite), building sand castles, creating artwork (deep meaningful creations), and well you name it.
We are but specks of sand on this great big earth.. grains of sand apart shifting with the wind, the tides, and moon, and the sun. We intermingle and come across one another recognizing a smile, a certain look , a stance, a rhythm to the person that is vaguely familiar to our heart and soul. On this Island we have come across this phenomena several times. We have met old acquaintances, met new acquaintances and bumped into people knowing that this is part of a divine plan. You say you're in Texas and the state is this or that. I say we are on an Island where humanity coexists and survives amongst mother nature...much like the mountains we come from.. Life on the Island centers around the school, the bars, the churches, but mostly the people....It is simply put familiar.


Laura Lou said...

I wanna be the guy on the ocean in the last picture!! kite surfing looks WAY fun! ;-)

Annie said...

It was so much fun to watch, but I have to say when that go cart whipped by us with the smiling aussie, I wanted to be doing that soooo bad!!!