Mar 17, 2012

The end of the journey (and yet the beginning)

Well as I sit tonite thinking about this miraculous journey Trace and I have encountered I am feeling very blessed and yet also unsettled. I am missing home so much. I have encountered many changes within myself along this journey and I know my family had encountered many changes while I have been gone. Life is about change and growth, and yet change is difficult...
I have never been one to skirt emotions or feelings and through many years of no voice I am also fairly open with my opinion. At times I need to rein in (especially if it hurts others) but most often than not it is good to speak up about life and thoughts. It's good to care about others and share hopes about a gentler life that allows us all to thrive and grow through business, relationships, and inner development. Each of us has something to give to the world around us. Each of us should try to honor what is brought to the table by all.
This journey has brought ideas for creative work inside me, for creative work through the coffee art house, and creative work while working with others. Where life is going to take me... I have no clue? I feel that each moment holds so many promises for all of us. When we are open to life people, events, and places fill us with answers... when we allow it to enter.
The most wonderful moments have happened during this journey when I have emptied my mind of all worries, and suddenly new thoughts, new people, and new visions rush in...
What a miracle life truly is.
I met a young lady tonite in Billings Montana. She waited on us at a local restaurant. She asked if we were from Montana and when we said yes, she replied I'm from Havre Montana. My mouth fell open and we grabbed hands with a big ass smile. You see I'm from Havre. When I asked who her people were she said a name that I knew well. I had grown up with them. Her dad was someone that we loved and remembered. He was in my brother Aaron's grade. I asked how he was and as I looked upon her, her eyes filled with tears and she told me  he had passed on last year.... We just held hands. ...Life is a blessing and we all need to touch one some way..
Love to all

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Leigh White said...

that is so right, Annie-we never know who will encourage and comfort us if we are ready to love those we meet.