Jul 17, 2013

Energetic Connections

We live in a world that spins producing vibrations

 from every angle. How can we not sense the power that every living vessel contains.... humans, animals, tree, water, rocks, plants, everything that is touched vibrates with memories and hopes to come...
The very sense of it spins me out of body... thus creating the need to connect my feet to the earth.. ground one's self.. plant my feet and be the mountain.
Souls touch us, enter and whisper, we sense their presence.. we wait
While teaching I noticed that it was difficult for many young souls for they knew of this magical energy but many lips and ears are sealed to the beautiful notion of energy. This created a sense of loneliness and confusion in young lives. Some, in order to survive, tucked these delicious thoughts away. Some, in order to be true to their nature, turned to other means to survive. The world of art, magic, meditation, and even darkness.. whatever it took to live upon the earth.
With age came the setting of daily intentions, of setting out gratitude and welcoming in the energy that would feed the soul.. it is much easier these days.
If only I could make the world a place to visit about all magic that exists, to believe in all of life, to cry  or laugh together as needed, without fear and embarrassment from society. I pray daily for all,
Sacred joy and happiness totally free of constant sorrow... to all in every nook and cranny of our blessed world.
We are only here for such a short time.
love to all.
Mrs. Allen
Annie Daniel