May 9, 2016

Accumulation of Talus

Talus has extracted itself from my headwall, trickled down the front of me, forming a fractured crusty protalus rampart at my root system. There are moments of realization that removal of this accumulative talus is crucial to my well-being. It is accumulating due to stress, overloads, change...and that is the time to... simply...release. 
Now what does one do with the accumulation of talus, or scree, at your root system... the base of your body? 
These broken parts provide hazardous travels and often times sharp barriers to overcome. 
All in due time, life softens the edges of the talus and they become memories. Memories and hillsides where green begins to sprout, where pikas & marmots scamper, and the butterflies land...remembering as my headwall ages & trickles more talus. 

My inspiration for this writing came from "Home Ground: Language for an American Landscape"
Barry Lopez, Editor
Debra Gwartney, Managing Editor

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