May 13, 2016

Thoughts on Art Houses vs. Art Galleries

Some thoughts to consider. I ran an art house in Lincoln Montana for 4 years and was often times curious about the energy that existed in the art house. It was warm, inviting, open to all despite race, religion, political views, etc. It was  meant to represent how I was raised in central Montana, Laredo (near Havre) to be exact. We were very open to company that came calling at our home. We lived in rural, and I mean rural Montana. We welcomed all peeps despite opinions or views as long as you could get along with one another over coffee (or beverages) and mom's homemade baked goods. Believe me homemade baked goods creates quite a euphoric atmosphere. Another story will have to be about mom's homemade cinnamon rolls after sledding!
So as the art (coffee) house evolved I realized that the comfort level produced the atmosphere conducive to educating the public about art. Relaxed and warm + inviting = ahhh, fill me in on your teachings! I believe that this is an important element in Montana. 
Give me your tired, give me your starved, give me your weak... let's provide them some understanding and friendship. Hospitality and art education! Love to all of you. 


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