Feb 27, 2011


When one stays in one spot expecting something to happen... you become so self-involved that the view becomes blurred and opportunities are not seen.

Even when the opportunities knock loudly the sound of loneliness and invasion of the blues blocks the air waves that try to enter your head...

When one's vision clears up and swift kicks to the head (ass, etc.) are delivered blessings arise...

Branching begins from the trunk of one's body...

One begins to see possibilities within the talents of your own soul

Talents of which no one else possesses in the same exact way

Branches twist forth revealing new connections, blooms of hope and love...

The tree begins to recognize that no one is alone in this complicated world of illusions

When one allows the branches to reach out to the joyous sky, to reach out to other branches of different worlds, to reach out for all opportunities that arise...

Joy fills the soul,

Possibilities bloom

Branch forth




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