Mar 14, 2011

Sad Reality

Having watched the movie "Brothers" last night, my mind sadly reflects on the damage that our society heaps onto our soldiers and those in battle... There is no getting around the mental and physical damage that is done during times of war. Are we really able to create killing machines out of a human soul who is so capable of deep love, who is capable of reflecting on life, who is capable of miraculous imagination beyond our own reasoning.

Humans are miracles put upon this earth to solve problems, to invent new ways, to dig deeper into physical, spiritual realms where love is prominent. I forever remain the optimist ... cheering for the vast population, pushing for new ways to create, to invent, to produce jobs, good will towards humans, and to solve life's problems through our brain power...

It is time for suffering in the name of materialism and greed to end (or which ever lable the current power seeks to name the conditions).

Love to all, peace to all, creation to all

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