Feb 22, 2012

Fat Tuesday served up Texas Island style!

We've had a full week of wonderful music, meeting old friends (we all enjoy vacationing in this neck of the woods) and beach combing on an uninhabited island.  We were also treated to a fabulous start to mardi gras with an outrageous parade and good food!! On Fat Tuesday we ended up with sunshine (first full day) so we started the day with a full 6 mile bike ride (raced and I came close) and then headed to the beach. Yes even with sunscreen on (50) I burned a wee bit. Of course we spent 4 hours swimming and soaking up rays. Enya loved it and has become quite a nautical dog.. that is up to her waist....
The parade started up around five pm so beer in hand we headed downtown to find (like Lincoln but a couple hundred more people) a huge amount of people with chairs, beads, and drinks! The parade went on for at least 45 minutes with tons of people in their finery and throwing of beads constantly (no, I didn't have to flash them:)
We headed downtown to the Inferno. What a wondrous treat for our mouths. Dollar long necked beers with oysters on the half shell served up at the door as you entered (free I might add). We were treated to shrimp gumbo, a fried shrimp poor boy sandwich, and craw fish and cheddar.

With beads galore and wonderfully full stomachs we headed home. This morning we ended up with a boat ride and an uninhabited island to beach comb upon. The dolphins were everywhere playing around us and finally I found sand dollars galore. Now if I could just find a starfish...hmm. My dear friends from Faulkton South Dakota sent me a face book message and said they would be in the area this afternoon so we met up for beer and more wondrous food! What warm great folks, reminds me of the times spent in south dakota where I was treated like family. I love them all. Trace was introduced and he was impressed with all of them. Love to them.
Tonight I think we will dine in and relax..
Tomorrow who knows...

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