Feb 25, 2012

Rainy day at Corpus Christi

Well we've had two days of severe winds and lots of rain (but I'm not complaining because we are still in the 55 degree temps :) so we decided to drive over to Corpus Christi!! Now mind you it's only about 20 miles away across the channels or ferries. Talk about a beautiful area downtown. It's tough as you enter Corpus Christi because the horizon line contains so many large oil company and refineries...ugh. But they have so much history here and so much old money that along the ocean side it takes your breath away. I did get the feeling as we drove down ocean blvd. that there is a huge pendulum affect between the haves and the have nots in this neck of the woods. The homes were huge, massive mansions of brick and stone work.
The area with the museums, visitor center, and old homes that had been restored was amazing. One begins to think about the fact that several Native tribes inhabited this land and then in the 1500's here came the ships form Spain and eventually around the world sailing the vast ocean and leaving their marks upon this land.. there are definite ghosts and spirits that inhabit this land.. you can feel it
The lush landscape, the horticulture is of the likes that one drools to know more about, to possess skills to duplicate it's beauty... ahh.
The museums are based on the Arts (of which I as in awe, need I say more), the Science and History end, the Asian culture, the wonderful Lexington from World War II, and they have the Aquarium in the same area.
We took in the Art and History (along with Science) museum and viewed the Lexington from the outside and our day was shot. We both want to go back to take in the rest. We ended up with some wonderful americanos with fresh made lemon cookies and for a late lunch we took in fantastic blackened catfish tacos and beef fajitas... fantastic!!!!!
We came home to an excited puppy for a walk on the beach and a homemade batch of margaritas.
Then Trace found a lovely cockroach on my side of the bed....bugs love me ya know....I''ve been scratching all night since....
I miss everyone and our time is slowly leaking away. I have soaked up so much knowledge and so much art that my head is swirling with ideas for teaching, for creating, for sharing..

The Port of Aransas art center is amazing and gives me hope of building a small art center for Lincoln where we can create, enjoy, and talk about the arts. I have picked Arlene Hughes brain a great deal for she is on the board of this wonderful art center and we have talked about the teaching part of it. I have been so worried about walking on any toes in Lincoln if I teach too much, step on toes with coffee too much, and just worrying way too much about every one's feelings in Lincoln. What it comes down to is I love Lincoln and I want to give back to this great community and anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not out to hurt anyone in this community that has backed my family for so many years...Perhaps I'm finally finding my way a wee bit, you know it takes us until we're old to grow up :)

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