Feb 28, 2012

Sunshine on Enya's shoulders makes her happy

There were many smiles today as we watched the dear sun appear from behind the clouds. Watching people frolic in waves, beach comb, hold hands, walk their dogs, and visit while we all enjoyed the beach.You just sense a touch of human kindness, compassion and interest in people and the world around them with a bit of sunshine. And, it certainly brings out the best of people when we see a happy pooch on someone's leash and arm... you just have to smile..
Yes, people have chased us down just to touch, smell and kiss Enya...today at the post office two gals (with big ass smiles and a bumper sticker that said "Where did all the hippies go", came over to visit and see Enya's beautiful eyes... new friends
She now runs into the ocean and runs back to the beach blankets happily barking with leaps of happiness and if she could tuck her tail she most certainly would. She has met many a friendly dog and some snarly ones, though she works her best magic to win them over.. show them my stomach, crawl slowly towards them with a happy smile and ears pointed forward..

She loved the kites that were out yesterday and she even tolerates all the birds that surround us daily and fly at her..and she's so impressed with our shell collection which we will be sharing with art students when we get home!!!

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Laura Lou said...

that's quite a collection!