Apr 2, 2013

Tucson Bound

Here we are ... balmy weather and a beautiful home to stay in. We were blessed with this opportunity to explore these southern regions. From what we are gathering Tucson has the most sunshine days (300 days) of any other place in the nation. Balmy beautiful weather. Out our door is a wildlife sanctuary. There are javelinas, quails, deer, Gila lizards, tarantulas, coyotes and lots of critters. We were visited by quite a few of them. Today our land lady (wonderful spirit) visited us with baby ground squirrels ( a desert squirrel that looks like a cross between chipmunks, squirrels and gophers). Beautiful sounds were made as she hand fed them. Out the door the sun beckoned so off we went to explore some of the territory with Enya in tow.

Missing everyone, love to all and wishing everyone a good night.

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