Apr 6, 2013

Trusting the path

Here I am meeting new artists, new faces, new galleries, new ideas... time to trust the paths that open. I begin to think outside the norm... What about two art houses (two Roasted houses). What about living down south for several months of the year and living in Montana part of the time? What about expanding (not only my brain) but my art, my way of thinking, my lifestyle... what if, what if, ... it tis a beautiful dizzy pathway of excitement.
Just believing in all that life has to offer sometimes takes great courage and causes great excitement. As we sat on the veranda this evening with our cerveza and our spicy pizza.. listening to the quail trilling around us, hearing the sounds of the desert floor accepting the last rays of sun upon it's skin... life held (and holds) so many possibilities...
I think of my wonderful children and all of the wondrous future that lays before them. Where ever life takes them will be grand, will be outstanding and generous to their souls. And how do I know this, one might ask, because I not only feel it in my bones, but I ask for it by spirit, by meditation, by beautiful gentle prayers for all loved ones. Let life's path open up and shine down upon them, let life's path illuminate our worlds, let us be filled with gratitude and rejoice in the natural world that sings to our ears, that bestows daily wonders upon our eyes and fills our hearts with dreams of great hope and inspiration.
Trusting the path, knowing that by working diligently on my part, by believing that all will play out as needed.. what a glorious thought ...

I am blessed.

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