Apr 8, 2013


A magical day, mysterious, and familiar. As a child I was drawn to abandoned buildings, to structures and remnants from yester years... bits and pieces of long ago memories. Tubac is filled with such energy. Like a child we wandered touching, sensing, feeling, and with eyes as large as saucers asked the question silently.. could this place be calling our names???
I visited this place years ago and was amazed at the art, but there was more this time. This time it was about the land, the history, the feeling that rose up to greet us from these surroundings. There were wee souls who seemed to know our presence with welcoming eyes and smiling words. We were encouraged to soak up this atmosphere, to come again and stay awhile longer next time. We nodded our heads in agreement... perhaps we will.
We researched living quarters, took in the historical site of the Tumacacori mission church dating back to the late 1600's and took in every art spectacle that we could handle..
There was a quirkiness in the air and, well, for those of you who know us inside and out.. you know we are all about the quirky....  notice the orbs in the mud hut by Trace...hmmm

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